Huge penalty for a Maroc Telecom subsidiary in Togo

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May 23, 2021 – 10:00 pm – Economy – By: JK –

Following a process opened against it in October 2020 by the Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (ARCEP), Moov Africa Togo has been charged around 10 million dirhams. The subsidiary of Maroc Telecom is accused of failing in its obligations.

“Serious and Permanent Violation of Your Liability for Permanent and Continuous Supply of Your Electronic Communications Network and Services”, is a complaint against the mobile telephone operator, states Togo first, Citing a source close to the operator. Various disturbances were observed on the operator’s network during the months of June to September 2020 and from March to April 2021, which is the basis for requesting an exemplary sanction against Move Africa Togo, according to the regulatory body’s director general Michel Yaovi Galli.

These disturbances are due to prolonged power cuts by CEET, with Togo Telecom cutting off their cables and companies in charge of public works defending representatives of Move Africa Togo, led by Director General Abdelah Tabiret. Showing the good faith of his company, he shared the 113 billion FCFA invested by Moov Africa Togo to improve the quality of service. In other words, the defects attributed to the operator are “exogenous factors”. An insufficient argument that could not persuade the judge to absolve Move Africa Togo.

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