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This galaxy is located 25 million light years away.

In the last 100 years, 10 supernovae have been found in this galaxy / photo ESA / Hubble and NASA, a. Leroys have been registered in KS Long.

The Hubble Space Telescope has photographed a galaxy that is breathtakingly beautiful.

The picture was published on the Hubble Observatory website.

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A galaxy called NGC 6946 is spectacular. In the last century, only 10 supernovas have been recorded in it. Because of this, the galaxy received the nickname “Galaxy of Fireworks”. By comparison, our Milky Way average is only 1-2 supernovas per century.

We can admire NGC 6946 because it is a galaxy that is in front of us, not from the edge. Fireworks Galaxy is known for its exceptionally high star formation rates.

It is located 25.2 million light years from us, on the border of the northern constellations is Sifus and Cygnus.

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