Huawei launches new connected glasses under HarmonyOS

Huawei has just announced new products in China. They introduced a foldable smartphone, a laptop, and new connected glasses that run HarmonyOS and monitor the position of your head in relation to your cervical spine.

Huawei has just launched new connected glasses in China. This is the first pair of glasses not developed in partnership with Korean brand Gentle Monster like the Eyewear II audio glasses introduced last year. Along with Huawei’s new specs announced Smartphone Viable P50 Pocket And the MateBook X Pro laptop that responds to user gestures.

Huawei’s new smart glasses with clear and dark lenses – credit: Huawei

Like the previous models, the new specs are equipped with 128mm speaker, They also have microphones for hands-free use, whether for entertainment or for phone calls. Huawei Duo also includes features user health monitoring,

The frames of Huawei Smart Glasses are interchangeable

The lenses of Huawei’s glasses are detachable to change the frame. The Chinese manufacturer has also announced 3 Classic FramesA Boston Mount, a Wellington Mount and an Aviator Mount, The glasses are IPX4 certified and can be used in rainy weather or during sports sessions. They run on Huawei’s operating system HarmonyOS.

Huawei also clarified that the speaker was designed to avoid any sound leakage protect user privacy, It also benefits from noise reduction in order to hear the conversation clearly. The glasses can also be used outdoors for making calls thanks to the windproof functionality of the microphone. In addition to calls and entertainment, users can control the Celia virtual assistant. They can thus get information about weather, navigation and other or Receive notifications from apps like WeChat,

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With regards to autonomy, Huawei announced that the specs can last up to the maximum 16 hours on a single charge, A new magnetic charging system that connects to the two branches allows them to be recharged. In addition, sensors installed on the branches monitor The position of the user’s head in relation to his cervical spine, The data collected allows the glasses to advise on the currency in real time.

Finally, the new Huawei specs are selling in China for 1,699 Yuan (~ .) 235 euro) for clear glasses and 1,899 yuan (~ 263 Euro) for the goggles. Huawei has not yet said whether its new products will be available outside China.

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