How years of science have transformed Italian leftist leader Enrico Letta

Before taking over the reins of the Transalpine Democratic Party, Enrico Letta held the position of dean of the School of International Affairs at Sciences Po-Paris for six years until March 2021. An experience that today shaped his view of what the Left should be, The Daily Estimate tomorrow.

“Leta. Enrico Letta. Do you remember him ten years ago? He was the most liberal, smartest person in the Democratic Party [centre gauche], which built bridges from the right. And now, from a dull politician, he has become one of the biggest advocates of LGBT rights. But what happened in these years?‚ÄČ?”

roman deli tomorrow It asks the question and answers it immediately: Enrico Leta spent time at Science PO. Not as a student, of course, but as dean of the IEP Parisian School of International Affairs. Between 2015 and 2021 he held a position.

Before going into exile in the City of Light, Letta had a brief illustrious break in the country as President of the Italian Council between April 2013 and February 2014. But although he has long been an important figure in the Democratic Party. [PD]He has always been better known for his qualities as a centrist settlement weaver than for his fight for civil rights.

debate on race and gender

However, something has changed since he returned from his stay in Paris in March 2021 to take over the head of the Democratic Party. Proof of this is the fight that the Secretary of the PD approved the Zan Law, a controversial text to fight against homophobia and transphobia, which was ultimately not voted on by the Transalpine Senate.

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To understand why Letta threw her body and soul into this fight



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