How will the weather be on new year’s eve

It is nearing the end of 2020 – the year that probably nobody imagined.

In the last few days, many places in southern Norway have received very strong winds and heavy rainfall, but now this violent weather will soon cool down a bit.

– Rainfall occurs mostly in Agder and Telemark in southern Norway on Monday, and it falls as snow in many places. In western Norway, rainfall will decrease throughout the day, and there will be some snowfall in the border areas in the eastern parts of Nordland and Finnmark, says Stig Arild Fagerly, an on-duty meteorologist on TV2 in Stormagio.

Cool weather

Over the next few days, there will be a high pressure in the east, while a low pressure on the English Channel will take over Denmark.

– Nagarli says that there will not be much wind in the next few days, but there will be a lot of rain in the south and east of Norway.

In the north, the weather will be better than in the south. There will be some snow in the border areas in Nordland, but Fagerly points out that these are areas where no particular people live.

The low pressure on Denmark will probably last until Wednesday, so the weather will be relatively similar on Tuesday on this day.

Poor driving conditions

In recent times, there have been problems at many border crossings around the country, and Fagerly believes that driving conditions will improve over the next few days.

– Still, you have to keep in mind that it is December, especially if you are going to the mountain. There will be some snow in the mountains, and roads can be very slippery. Then you should go out and drive, so pay attention to the circumstances, he encourages.

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New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is three days away. What does the weather look like on the last day of the year?

– It is currently a little uncertain, as there will be small low pressures that will help to affect. As it now appears, there will be clouds and rain on New Year’s Eve in More og Ronsdal and Westland, he says.

Meteorologists say that the Trundelag also appears to be capable of receiving cloud and precipitation on New Year’s Eve, and that cloud cover will be somewhat variable in eastern and southern Norway.

He said, but there will be very little wind here, and no special rain, so it will be possible to see New Year rockets in large parts of the country.

In the north, it may look like for the time being there will be some wind in coastal areas, but otherwise clear and fine.

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