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The alignment of a rare planet could create a “Christmas star” similar to the one he said guided by three wise men.

Saturn and Jupiter are the stars that will come closest in a few hundred years, and the instability of winter will create a “spectacular event in the sky” on Monday.

Although the planets remain in space millions of miles away – they will appear to the naked eye of the Earth as objects of a bright eye.

Conjunctions – where objects appear very close to each other in the sky – is not uncommon, it will be the closest since 1623.

Due to the presence of winter this year, it is being described as a ‘Christmas star’ in the context of the story of Jesus ’birth.

The anatomy of the planetary alignment was assumed to be the year 7 BC

Oligarchy is the longest night of the year – which gives people a chance to look interesting.

Professor Michael Burton said that the largest planets in the solar system would be just 0.1 degrees away from spending one-fifth of the full moon and would appear as the brightest objects in the sky.

Professor Burton, director of the Armag Planetarium and Observatory in Northern Ireland, added: [the 1623 conjuction] It was day time.

Painting of the Holy Family with a bright star at sunrise at the birth of Jesus Christ
The story of Jesus’ birth depicts a bright ‘Christmas star’ (stock photo)

“The last thing that actually looked good was 1226, 800 years.”

He said that the story of the birth of Jesus is a combination of gaining recognition as the Christmas star.

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Henry Thrup, an astronomer at NASA’s Department of Planetary Science, described the event

“You can imagine the solar system as a racetrack, with each planet running in its own lane and the earth moving towards the center of the stadium,” he said.

Sat and Jupiter took pictures in the night sky
The stars of Saturn and Jupiter usually appear in the night sky

“From our vantage point, we’ll see Jupiter in the inner alley, reaching Saturn all month and passing it by the end of December 21st.”

“Such an event could happen at any time of the year, depending on where the planets are in their orbits,” Professor Thrup explained.

“The dates of conjugation are determined by the positions of Jupiter, Saturn, and Earth in their positions around the Sun, while the date of Salt is determined by the curvature of the Earth’s axis.”

Impressions of Mary and Joseph's artist pregnant with cross background star ass
They led three wise men in the story of Jesus’ birth

How to see the Star of Bethlehem in the UK

The suggestion to look at the rare phenomenon in the UK is to look southwest as soon as possible after sunset.

You should observe about an hour after sunset – as the planets will quickly descend to the bottom of the horizon as suggested by

From December 21 the planets will be together for a while and will be easily visible to the naked eye when looking south-west just after sunset. assures that the phenomenon is so bright, that it should be seen with the naked eye, even in cities with high levels of light pollution.

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Visitors should be able to see Jupiter’s four large moons through a telescope or a telescope.

The chances of clear skies are going to be more than half in the north of the UK.

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