How to unlock secret characters of crossy road

Crossy street Too many secret characters for a mobile game. Some of these characters are much easier to obtain than others, and some of them are simply purely coincidental. If you want to see how all the secret characters can be obtained, this guide can help.

How to unlock secret characters of crossy road

Crossy street Can be a fun mobile game, but getting a secret character on your own can be overwhelming. Luckily, we have come to know how to unlock all the secret characters currently in the game. Here they are listed in alphabetical order.

  • As: Collect a total of 50 burgers with Rocky (there may be multiple races).
  • Andy Sum: Play as Mallard and score 85% or more from his current best score.
  • Monfish: Using any vessel in the sea, cross a ditch and climb two logs or a water lily. Then jump from the log or water lily.

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  • Ben Weatherall: Unlock and play as the Dark Lord and score at least 85% of your current score.
  • Best of Show: Play as any dog ​​character and eat all the dog food you can find (probably several races).
  • From there: Play as a paleontologist and collect fossils of each type (head, neck, body, legs and tail).
  • Blinky: Play as Pac-Chicken, Pinky, Clyde or Inky and be crushed by Pac Man.
  • Cai Shen: Fortune play as chicken, three gods, fire monkey, Xi, New Year doll, hot pot or Chinese monster and collect 20 red envelopes (may be several rounds).
  • Billo Rani: Play with any cat other than a scared cat and eat nine fish (there may be several races).
  • Chinese Monster: Chinese play the role of new year doll with monster.
  • Box: Play as one hand and get around 15-20 coins (may be multiple races).
  • Clyde: Play as Pac Man and eat seven or more ghosts in a power pellet session.
  • coconut water: Play as a tourist and collect five coconut water in a race
  • Crab: When you play, every time you enter a new area, slide your finger to the left and right about 50 times.
  • Dragon Rider: Play as Snow King (from the Peking Order challenge) for about 10 turns.
  • Fallen bear: Play as any Australian character. At one point you will come across a drop beer sitting on a tree. Go to the tree and the fallen bear will jump on you.
  • Gingerbread Man: The wolf plays as the mascot. After playing and dying a few times, Gingerbread Man will appear and you’ll have to jump on it.
  • Gift: Play as a festive chicken until you find an ice field. Run in the Christmas tree located in the center of the field to make the presented fly.
  • Nimmi: Play as any New Zealand character. While playing, there is a rare chance that you will move around the ground in a small gold ring. Jump on it to get it back. Do this 10 times.
  • Hipster whale: When you’re a whale swimming in a river instead of walking on a log, jump on it.
  • Glacier: All Arctic mascots (including seals) dive in a river.
  • Ink: Play as Pac Man and earn a total of 3000 points in many races.
  • Leprechaun: Play as any UK and Ireland update mascot and collect a four leaf clover.
  • jam: Play as any character in a Piffle update and collect one of 5 different items (floppy disk, donut, dice, sock and ball) at once.
  • Matt Hall: Play as Lucky Cat and get at least 85% of your current score.
  • Merladi: Play as any non-maritime character and cross a river completely. Then you must return two logs and fall from the end.
  • Michael Boom: Locate a rocket truck (random event) and complete the race by crashing into it.
  • Lunar rock: Play as one of the space update mascots and bump into one of the rocks in a flood of meteors. Do this several times to get Moon Rock.
  • Nessie: Play as a UK and Ireland update character and get as close to any river. Watch Nessie carefully and then jump on her back.
  • Piffle Ball: Play as a character from the Piffle update and collect all the different items you can pick up from the ground.
  • Pineapple: Play as a character from Piffle’s updates and approach an empty lane. When a truck with pineapples appears on top, collide and complete your race.
  • Pinki: Play as Pac-Chicken and collect a cherry (very rare).
  • Professional player: Play like any Korean and score around 100, maintaining an APM (actions per minute) score of around 150-200. To do this, rotate your character from right to left while waiting for an opening.
  • Blop Violet: Play as Grablin and beat the character above level 35.

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  • Robot Dog: Play as any space update space mascot and find a yellow duck-like alien.
  • Rugby player: Play as a squirrel and collect four nuts, then find a white rugby ball atop a tree. Move next to the tree so that the ball falls.
  • Joint: Play as a polar bear and complete all five missions to collect litter on the field.
  • Space Walker: Play as any space update mascot and jump on the hipster whale.
  • telephone booth: Play as any of the characters in the UK and Ireland updates until you receive a major open compensation. If you hear the phone ringing, go to the red phone booth. Approach the booth so that it stops ringing.
  • King of all the universe: Play as the prince of all the universe and collect items to raise the catamari ball. This is over several runs.
  • Princess of All Universe: Play as the prince of all the universe and collect enough items in a race.
  • Queen of the whole universe: Play as the king of all the universe and turn enough things into rainbows (probably many races).
  • Totem: Ida, play as a crow or storyteller. The totem will randomly float on a river and you’ll have to jump over it.
  • Waffles: Play as Piffle and find waffles (rare occurrence). Approach it.
  • Yeti: Play as one of the 2015 Christmas update characters and is killed by Yeti when he throws a snowball.

This is the complete list! Getting crab can make you gross, but keep trying! You will have bragging rights in no time.

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