How to make shortcut of Vaccine Pass in Smartphone?

There are different ways – fortunately – to quickly access Vaccine Pass, without having to search forever among all the apps on your smartphone. Here’s a trick that allows you to integrate it into your mobile device’s digital card holder, whether it’s Wallet on iPhone or Google Pay on Android.

We can’t or almost can’t go out without this document. Vaccination passes have become mandatory at the entrance of all places of leisure, culture, catering or even for long distance travel by public transport. Coming to replace the Health Pass in early 2022, it is fortunately available in a digital version and works the same way on a smartphone via a QR code.

last SFR News, you’ve already been told how to use this “health proof” on your mobile device, and even offered a way to display it in one click, whether it’s an iPhone or Android phone. You are on it. While, as a reminder, Vaccine Pass no longer accepts negative test certificates for Covid-19 that require a complete immunization schedule, a certificate of recovery or a medical contraindication, today we bring you the precious QR Let’s offer another tip to be able to access quickly. Code – and therefore show your credentials – from your smartphone.

In addition to being able to find it at any time in the TousAntiCovid government application and install it from there as a widget on the home screen, you can also integrate the vaccination pass into the card holder. Digital from your smartphone. On the iPhone, it’s called Wallet, or simply Cartes in French. On Android, it’s the Google Pay app. Here’s what to do in both cases.

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How to Add Vaccine Pass to Wallet on iPhone?

  1. In the Safari browser, go to covid pass website, it will ask you “Choose a Certificate”, by any one of the following two means.
  2. to select “Start Camera” If, for example, you have your vaccination pass in paper form, or if you can scan it from another screen. Be sure to center the QR code in the camera window in both cases. Once it is validated, go straight to step 4.
  3. to select “Select File” If you have saved a PDF or even a screenshot of your vaccination pass (but you will find that it is impossible to create one from the TousAntiCovid application to prevent sharing of the vaccination pass).
  4. The CovidPass site then offers you the following choose a color, which will serve as the background for your Vaccine Pass card in Wallet. Just choose one of your choice, knowing that it is purely aesthetic.
  5. then you have to check the box “I accept the privacy policy”,
  6. then click on the button “Add to Card”,
  7. A preview of your vaccination pass is displayed on the screen in the form of a digital card. If you’re happy with it (you can still go back, for example to change the color), click “to append” top right of the screen.

And now, voila! Your vaccination pass is now available as a card in Wallet. As a reminder, you can easily access the application from your iPhone’s lock screen: double-click the side button for devices equipped with Face ID, double-click the central button for those equipped with Touch ID. Do it. Also note that if you have paired an Apple Watch to your iPhone, your Vaccine Pass wallet card will also be available on it. Even more practical!

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How to Add Vaccine Pass to Google Pay on Android?

On Android smartphones, the approach is a little different. And first of all there is a need to install not just one but two apps from play store. google pay First, it’s not actually offered as a wallet on the iPhone by default. Then Pass2Pay, which is free but in return for which you have to advertise. This application is only used to generate a digital card of your vaccination pass, then you can uninstall it completely.

  1. In Pass2Pay, scan the QR code of your vaccination pass, either by uploading a photo via the button “open picture”, or through the camera of your smartphone via the button “camera”,
  2. Your vaccination pass is displayed in Pass2Pay, which offers you to personalize it – but better not change anything…
  3. Go directly to the bottom of the page and check the box to accept the Terms of Use: “Include the Pass2Pay Terms of Use”,
  4. then click on the button “GPay – Save to Phone” Below.

This will happen when you’re forced to watch an ad… but once it’s done, your vaccination pass is added to the Google Pay app as a digital card! A simple and fast way, in short, to access the famous QR codes at any time from your Android Smartphone.

Source: Sarkar, Friendroid, Numerama

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