How to keep two WhatsApp accounts in your smartphone

WhatsApp is one of those applications that do not fail on current smartphones. Everyone is exploring the possibility of talking to their loved ones for free and by text, and if you take advantage of this by sending multimedia files and video calls, you can already consider yourself a skilled user with the application. Now, it can be more than one Interested to know how to put two accounts on WhatsApp.

it’s possible? Two accounts on whatsapp?

This may sound strange to you, but yes, there is a way Put two accounts on WhatsApp. As far as everyone knows, the application always asks you for a phone number to join your account, as well as a name that other users know by you. In fact, the rules are clear and that is that even if you have a terminal with two sim cards, you have to select one to connect it with the application, but there is a method to get it That your mobile works normally with two cards.

Use whatsapp web on your mobile

We have already commented on this occasion how important it is to use the WhatsApp web. The tool helps you see conversations with your contacts from the Internet browser you use. However, this is also one of the corners that will help you View two WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone.

The first thing you need to do is log in with one account that you want to use in another terminal and on the mobile you are going to use. Click on the desktop version and access the WhatsApp web (You will find it in browser options). Once achieved, all you need to do is to install the SIM that you have activated in your terminal and you can use it.

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Click whatsapp

In recent years we have seen that some smartphones have the ability to clone applications. In this case, what you need to do is point to the cloning of applications between options. if you have, All you have to do is select WhatsApp, which is one of the available, And a new icon will open where you enter the second number you want to use. You won’t have any problem using them, so you just have to remember which account you have in each application when checking messages.

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