How to join Jerry’s show?

Previously on TF1, Jerry now serves on France 2 with his Big Show. Here’s how to attend TV shows and participate in filming!

For his first broadcast on French television, Jerry big show, entertainment intended for the family, is offered in prime time on weekends. broadcast from France 2 on Saturday June 11th, 2022 at 9:10 pm, The show was still unreleased in France and joins the long list of televised entertainments that mix celebrities and comedies, even moving scenes.

The nearly 2 million viewers won by the concept for the first broadcast would inevitably have seen interactions between the public, hosts and celebrities invited for the occasion. If you want to participate too, here’s how participate big show 2 on France,

what’s the new show big show on France 2?

Launched on France Television on Saturday 11 June 2022 at 9:10 pm, this new show offered by the public service is broadcast in a traditional entertainment slot, like the timeless show Great Cabarets of the World,

This time, it is Zari that finds itself at the helm of the format, adapted from BBC One and produced in the United Kingdom since 2015.

In the program: Surprise, Hidden Camera, Moving Reunion, Games, Events or even Surprise Karaoke. Zari offers the possibility to share some elected officials who do not necessarily know A privileged, funny or dynamic moment with your favorite stars, The production depends on the show’s collaborators creating a surprise for an unsuspecting relative. The highlight of the show, the audience will become the star of the film for one evening big show ,

These are during the show on Saturday 11 June 2022 Julie Zenatti, Rich And letitia milot who lent themselves to the game and trapped the fans.

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where is big show ,

this is At the Marigny Theatre, Not far from the Champs-Elysées that the concept was introduced. It was in the Halls of Paris, the recently renovated theater that usually hosts musicals, plays and stand-up shows, that the first lucky few were able to discover the concept, unique in France and who comes straight from the UK,

across the channel, This is comedian Michael McIntyre Who was in charge of hosting the British program which aired on BBC One till 2019 and which gathered millions of viewers in each edition.

how to be part of the audience big show ,

To participate in the event, potential viewers are invited to register on the Casting Events website, an agency that produces television and radio programs such as The Masked Singer, Burger Quiz, Les Gros Ttes and even Fridays. Also, everything is allowed. The France TV VIP Club is also a way to participate in the festivities.

At the moment, no filming is yet planned, but the most inspired will only have to regularly consult the page dedicated to the TV show, hoping to be able to register for the next season.

completely free of charge, subject to participation special age conditions, You must be at least 12 years of age and be able to take your place at the Marigny Theater with minors. An identity document will also be requested when entering the room as well as in appropriate attire.

Thus guests will have the opportunity to discover Jerry behind the scenes of the show and in his new role as entertainment host for Channel France 2. The latter made a name for himself on TF1 by hosting and participating in several events. many shows like good singer, game of talent either mask singer,

how to participate big show ,

If you want to not only watch these different television scenes, but Share a privileged moment with a star And trap a loved one with the help of comedian Zari, France 2 offers the possibility to “apply” in hopes of being chosen.

To motivate your request, production teams will need know more details as :

  • Date of birth
  • Work
  • number of children
  • Know
  • phone and email
  • The identity of the person you want to trap
  • cause you want to participate
  • wonder you imagined
  • Relative’s contact details
  • close profession
  • Passion
  • popular celebrities
  • e.t.c

A form provided focuses all requests and helps the production team select the most interesting profiles that will get a chance to be highlighted during the evening. big show,

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