How to have fun without feeling guilty?

Sometimes, we know we can relax by eating pizza, crisper, more energizing dishes. But we have many other moments to take care of ourselves and our inner garden. “Diet is something that doesn’t work”, explains nutritionist Charles Brumold over the microphone RTL Vous Regale and credited to: “Eat, have fun”.

“Food is a very important and very fundamental function in everyday life. sensory feelings in the mouth. And the problem, really, is that in recent years we’ve tried to break down foods into nutrients. You know, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. And it can be very important in a medical context, but in our daily diet, it is very sad and it is useless”, details Charles Brumold.

“I like to talk about the joy of sight, visual contrast in the plate, color, take time, To pay attention What are we going to put in the mouth, to observe the texture that gradually changes on the palate and to feel that it does us good and it is precisely that we are enjoying ourselves”, he summarizes. does.

What about eating red meat?

Today we hear 1,001 things about how we should, how we should eat in the future, especially about meat. We say we should eat less, but of better quality. “Exactly it is. In fact, You don’t need to eat it every day to be healthy. Otherwise, I think readers who don’t eat it will be on the safe side for a while,” recalls Charles Brumold. and the idea is to actually come back reasonable consumption‘Proper’ meat, say nutritionists.

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Fat, is that life?

“Literally agrees” with nutritionist Louise Petitrenaud’s motto: “Fat is life”. “Actually, part of the fat basic components of our body. In addition, it is thanks to fat that we manufacture our hormones, thyroid hormones, such as estrogen, testosterone. is also important for maintenance of brain functionsBecause our brain is mainly made up of fat. It also serves us to transport certain vitamins in our body”, the nutritionist specifies.

So, we can eat fat, but not just anyone, And not in any quantity. “The recommendations are about 30% of our energy consumption per day, so after that, it’s the quality of fat Which is important”, explains Charles Brumold. The only fats to limit daily consumption are pastries, crisps, aperitif biscuits, poor-quality margarines. But the idea is not to eliminate this type of fat completely”, specifies Charles Brumold.

Thus, “we should eat better, cook healthier products at home. We should stop processed products and favor local products”, concludes the team of RTL makes you enjoy.

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