How to get vaccinated by occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is also joining this week. Where to get vaccinated, with which vaccine? The RTL Brigade will explain everything to you. The company is concerned with this vaccination: People over 50 who present risk factors, Or similar to the doctor in the city with this famous list of related diseases available on the Ministry of Health website.

To make an appointment, your company normally sends a message to let you know what you need to do. Contact an occupational therapist, occupational nurse Notify you and make an appointment. If occupational therapists have known you for a long time and know that you meet the criteria, He has the right to contact you directly To provide you with an appointment.

Your company informs you but No need to know who gets vaccinated, All of this should remain confidential. Occupational therapy does not have the right to provide a list of people vaccinated. If the doctor has not known you for a long time and does not know your deformity, You can bring results of operations, Tests, prescriptions that prove you have co-morbidities. You do not need to pay anything, companies pay contributions every year. Which covers travel and vaccinations And vaccines are provided by the state.

Adequate dose?

For the location of the vaccination, it depends on the size of the company and its configuration, but the Directorate General of Labor advises instead of vaccinations Occupational therapy takes place in the center, Which reinforces privacy. We can go there at work time but you tell your employer that you have an appointment with occupational therapy without specifying the purpose.

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Regarding the dosage, the campaign is currently underway. Some centers here and there have already started vaccinations, but it is very difficult to know how many people will ask their occupational therapists to give injections. Some prefer to go to their general practitioner, who is certain that occupational doctors will have to go to the pharmacy to get their dose that they have previously ordered. Again there is a limit: 2, 3 per doctor’s vial or 30 AstraZeneca injections.

If there are still doses, you can probably be contacted as a last resort, said Olivier Wren, but in terms of control It would be necessary to prove that this was the only solution. Occupational therapists must resist certain pressures, particularly that of a manager who would like to vaccinate his employee at all costs, even if he has no risk factors; Which will not be possible.

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