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Here it is again! Almost a year after its last flight, Ariane 5 is once again on its launch pad. The absence of several months to refine some of the technical details leading up to the launch of James-Webb. During the night of Friday through Saturday, Ariane 5 will put two telecommunications satellites into geostationary transfer orbit, including Eutelsat Kwanten, a very innovative satellite that is unique in its mode of operation.

About a year after its last flight, in October 2020, a Ariane 5 Preparing to fly from Friday to Saturday night. Weather permitting, launch has been scheduled at the earliest Window Launch which opens at 11:00 PM and closes at 12:30 KST. During its final mission, Ariane 5 carried a . was placed on transfer class Geostationary, Galaxy 30 / MEV 2 telecommunication satellites from the American operator Intelsat and BSat 4b from the Japanese operator BSat.

Ariane 5 launches a livestream to follow this 30th July at 10:30PM KST. © ESA

For its first mission of the year, Ariane 5 will put two telecommunications satellites into orbit. On the one hand, the Star One D2 satellite built by Maxar (SSL) for Star One SA (a subsidiary of Embratel) and on the other hand, Eutelsat Quantum satellites for Eutelsat. The latter was built by Airbus Defense & Space and developed as part of a public-private partnership between the European Space Agency (ESA), operator Eutelsat and Airbus Defense & Space. This 110. IsI Ariane 5 launch and second launch of the year at CSG (Guyana Space Center) it 254. will also beI start of family Ariane Launcher.

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The performance required by the launcher for this flight is approximately 10,515 kg, of which 6,190 kg represents the mass of the Star One D2 satellite and 3,461 kg represents the mass of the Eutelsat Quantum satellite. Nominal duration of mission (from take-off to .) Separation satellite) is approximately 36 minutes and 24 seconds.

An unprecedented telecommunications satellite capable of serving any region of the world!

If the Star One D2 satellite is of a conventional design, the Eutelsat Quantum satellite will be the world’s first universal satellite capable of adapting to customer needs at any time, thanks to its design Software configurable. Simply put, many parameters of Eutelsat Quantum’s payload will be reconfigurable from the ground up. Thus, the satellite operator will be able to customize the key parameters, remotely and in real time, according to their needs: coverage area, frequencieshandjob debit, power … In other words, it is the first satellite capable of serving several times in its life and without changing position of class, many areas of the world. Typically, telecommunication satellites cover a predetermined area.

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