How to explain the historic and deadly floods in South Africa?

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[EN VIDÉO] How to deal with natural disasters?
Every year many natural disasters destroy the countries of the South. Unfortunately, with few tools available, managing these states of crisis is often problematic. IRD (Research Institute for Development) geographer Sebastian Hardy talks to us about the solutions the organization has envisioned to tackle the problem during this video.

The Durban area is currently in mid-autumn, and it is not unusual for the region to experience weather report Extremes with significant rainfall: This is one of the times of the year when the risk of inclement weather is highest. However, the depression affecting the east coast between 11 and 12 April had historical consequences: the equivalent of 6 months of rainfall, i.e. 450 mm, fell in a span of two days in the Durban region due to one cold dropA stall OfWind Polar like we regularly experience in Europe.

It is the same type of phenomenon, the intensity of which is always difficult to estimate, due to which Deadly floods in Germany in July 2021.

biggest disaster of 60 years

This type of cold air stall occurs regularly in the Southern Hemisphere in the spring and especially towards Durban in April, but not in such a dramatic proportion. This stable depression caused a sudden rise in the water level with landslides and landslides.

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meteorologist Bad weather was well predicted on the spot, but the event was much stronger than what was eventually announced. It is the worst natural disaster in at least 60 years in KwaZulu-Natal province.

After a lull on Thursday and Friday, new rain is expected this weekend in the form of rain, but with no usual measures with those that spell disaster.

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