How the British ‘invented’ curry and six other facts about your favorite Indian food cooking and eating

cooking and eatingWhat could be more delicious in the fall than a bowl of warming curry? There are endless variations of this famous Indian food. However, is this dish really Indian? Seven facts about curry you probably didn’t know.

There are 1 endless curries. There are Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bengali curries. American Dan Tombs reported in his book Curry Guy Complete What do all those curries have in common? Every recipe starts with a little oil in a pan. After this, ginger paste or a mountain of chopped onions is often applied with garlic.

2 Restaurants Often Use Original Sauces. Tombs said the basic sauces in restaurants are often the same. It usually consists of cabbage, capsicum, onion, chopped tomatoes and many spices. The magic begins when you enrich this emollient sauce with its own ingredients, thinks American.

3 Curry knowledge is passed from generation to generation. There are written sources, but many children learn to cook from their parents. This happens in the kitchen. That’s why Paulami passionately promises in his book bible of indian cuisine Nor does she bring the one and only authentic curry.

4 Curries do not always contain coconut milk. “Sometimes it happens,” Joshi says. “But the most important thing to a curry are good spices. And patience.”

5 Your curry does not necessarily contain meat. Dan Tombs in his book on vegetable curry (with over a hundred recipes) proves that you don’t have to use chicken, lamb or other meat in a curry: vegetables fit very well in it. Popular British cookbook author and TV presenter Nadia Hussain (she won in 2015 The Great British Bake Off and stars in two Netflix series) are in her book lunch time One with jackfruit and one with sweet potato. Her favorite is a curry that she ate in Thailand. You can make that curry with hearty vegetables too.

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6 The British invented curry. The British who brought spices from India to Britain in the late 1950s. Guest workers from Bangladesh also came to work in Great Britain. Polami Joshi states that many of them worked on cargo ships sailing between India and England. bible of indian cuisine. On those ships he prepared his own interpretation of Indian food to suit British tastes. All the dishes were called curries. Joshi put it in perspective, ‘As such the vast diversity of cuisines and tastes in India can be reduced to one simple word.

7 Curry powder is related to curry. Curry powder is a mixture of spices and turmeric to make curry, says Joshi. “If you go to a supermarket in India, you will find curry leaf powder when you ask for curry powder.” confusing. To make it more complicated: In the Netherlands we talk about a powdered mixture of spices and curry when you cook with it. The Flemish also use the word curry for the powder.

Interested in starting yourself? Below you’ll find six surprising forms of entertainment.

Thai Green Curry with Tilapia Fillet. This green curry is named after the green chillies used in it. This dish is popular for its balanced, slightly spicy taste. You can make the curry even more spicy by adding extra chilies.

Thai Green Curry with Tilapia Fillet. © Entertainment

Kai Panang (Thai Chicken in Peanut Sauce). Another Thai curry, also known as Thai Red Curry. It is a bit spicy and quick to make and easy to make. Handy if you want to get something delicious on the table quickly.

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Kai Panang (Thai Chicken in Peanut Sauce).
Kai Panang (Thai Chicken in Peanut Sauce). © Entertainment

Chana curry with spicy rice. This curry is slightly spicy and tastes great with spicy rice. do you like spicy? Then add Tabasco or a little sambal.

Chana curry with spicy rice.
Chana curry with spicy rice. © Entertainment

Creamy Coconut Curry with Potatoes and Pineapple. You can keep this variant on the table for 20 minutes and it is loaded with vegetables. Pineapple gives a slightly sweet twist to the dish. Delicious to dip with naan bread.

Creamy Coconut Curry with Potatoes and Pineapple.
Creamy Coconut Curry with Potatoes and Pineapple. © Entertainment

Spinach Curry with White Cheese and Flatbread. Eating by hand is common in India. It’s almost no different from this recipe, as you dip the flatbread in spinach curry.

Spinach Curry with White Cheese and Flatbread.
Spinach Curry with White Cheese and Flatbread. © Entertainment

Sweet Potato Curry with Paprika. Cinnamon imparts a warm aroma to this sweet potato curry with paprika.

Sweet Potato Curry with Paprika.
Sweet Potato Curry with Paprika. © Entertainment

Tricks, facts and inspiration about cooking and eating can be found in the video below:

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