How much is France spending on its territories in crisis?

If the government wants to withdraw the economic assistance provided to the areas affected by the health crisis, France is still not the country that invests the most money in support of its economy. “Indeed, if we spend 93 billion euros last year compared to various emergency aid, partial unemployment, solidarity funds, trade aid, France. It represents 3.8% of the national wealth, accordingly. Calculating the very serious National Productivity Council “, January 20, Thursday, January 7, journalist Jean Paul Chappell reports.

This level is similar in Italy. In contrast, Germany spends 4.8% of its national wealth on emergency measures; The country has provided greater support to businesses at the regional level. In addition, Spain devotes 5.4% of its funds to these aids, as against 8% for the United Kingdom. “Bercy does not make the same calculation, and emphasizes one point: the effectiveness of French aid. So far, purchasing power has declined slightly and the number of bankruptcies has been reduced”, The journalist continues. The Prime Minister also confirmed that support for areas of difficulty, such as hotels and restaurants, would be carried forward. “There is also the recovery plan, one hundred billion more that will be invested: it represents 3.8% of the national wealth”, Closing of Jean-Paul Chappell.


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