How many times has Britain won?

We can participate in Eurovision here in the UK and all the viewing nights that are short this year, but we are ready for it Eurovision 2021 And the inevitable disappointment of a poor finish, you might be wondering how many times we have won the competition in the past.

James Newman is our band in the Eurovision line-up this year and their song is called Amber. But if bookies are to be believed, James’ story (he wrote for Ed Sheeran, among others) won’t help with the songwriting because we are predicted to have a more modest result when the final results are calculated. . .

But to bring our eyes back to the past, let’s take a look at how many times we have won in the history of the competition and when was the last win for us – and that was a long time ago.

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Sandy Shaw – Puppet on a Wire (1967)

Sandy was the first contest winner in 1967 with her song Puppet on a String – if you ask us, she is still an absolute banger after all these years. With the competition starting in 1956, it took some time to get our first win.

Lulu – Boom Bang-A-Bang (1969 as co-winner with Spain, Netherlands and France)

Our second win came two years later, that time, but it was a bit tricky because Eurovision never counted on a draw, let alone quadruple, and we ended up in the lead of four different emerging countries.

The Netherlands hosted the competition in 1970, perhaps it was not us as we had held the previous year itself.

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Man of the Brotherhood – Save Your Kiss for Me (1976)

Human brotherhood from Eurovision

We had to wait a few years until our next big victory and it was handed over to the materials in 1976 with the Brotherhood of Man that Save Me for Your Kiss. ​​This is a super fun song that is still enjoyable to listen to today. No wonder we won that year!

Bucks Fizz – Make Your Mind (1981)

Shining Eurovision Dollar

For many people this song defines Eurovision more than any other and is one of the most popular songs played so far in the competition – it is so captivating!

The Bucks fizz gave us our only win in the 80s with our win in 1981 and we have to wait a lot until we get another one…

Katrina and the Waves – Love, Shine a Light (1997)


Our fifth and, to date, last Eurovision win is 1997 and it was performed by Katrina and the Waves and their song, Love, Shine a Light.

So it means that 24 years have passed since we last topped the list when Eurovision votes were counted and it would be fair to say that we have hardly been a powerhouse in the competition since.

Will 2021 finally be our year? Probably not, but dreaming is fun, if only for a moment, isn’t it?

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will air on BBC in May. See the full list of Eurovision Song Contest winners here. If you are looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV guide.

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