How many bubbles does a beer mug contain?

How long will it take you to count bubbles in your beer glass? Without sleeping for over a week and going fast again. Fortunately, CNRS scientists worked for us and established the calculation method … more or less reliable.

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Science sometimes has the art of answering questions that no one asks: why Spoons disappear faster than thorns The Comment Break a spaghetti in half The How many cocks does it take Finish a lollipop The How many children are there? Are born in planes The Here is further evidence of the usefulness of our researchers: We now know that a glass of beer contains between 200,000 and 2 million bubbles, but also that beer contains more bubbles than champagne.

How to put beer in your glass properly

This question was the subject of a very serious study by two researchers from the University of Rheims Affiliates Published in CNRS and in Journal Acs omega. Because the occurrence of bubbles is actually much more complex than it sounds. The formation of bubbles depends not only on the nature of Liquid, But also temperature, size of glass, volume of liquid or The expression Environment. ” 100 ml of champagne is poured directly in the middle of a vertically oriented flute that will contain approximately one million bubbles. But the Champagne Served more slowly by putting on the side of a bent flute (a technique that better conserves CO)2 Dissolve) will give tens of thousands more bubbles », Indicating the study’s lead author, Gayard Lager-Belair.

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or, “ Presence of CO2 Breach is a required sensory parameter Beer tasting, Because bubbles transport compounds Aromatics And fragrant, The scientist emphasizes Gerard Liger-Bellair. We previously showed that a minimum concentration of 1.2 g per liter of CO2 Requires dissolving in sparkling wine Gasification In mouth »

How long will it take for my beer to lose all its bubbles?

It remains to be known how to count Bubble. Gérard Legger-Bellair and his colleagues first measured the amount of CO2 Pouring beer into a tilted glass dissolves in a lager (heineken) to preserve CO2 Dissolved), and to a tasting temperature of 7.22 ° C. He modeled then The gas Spontaneously collects to create streams of bubbles in the crevices of the glass. Finally, using a very large camera Speed ()High speed photography), He observed how the bubbles grow and carry the dissolved gases to the surface, until no dissolved gases remain in the beer. Results: Between 200,000 and 2 million bubbles, half a pint of lager (25 Cl) is released before its gas is completely “emptied”. Not a very accurate estimate, it is true, but always more reliable than counting bubbles one by one.

Note that this estimate is not valid for champagne. Surprisingly, glass imperfections affect the two drinks differently, with more bubbles forming in the beer when the cracks in the glass are larger, researchers note – maybe beer is often served in mugs is. And if you think that to calculate the number of bubbles, herethe equation Use :

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