How do the new Covid layer rules affect me? Everything you need to know

Matt Hancock revealed that England will face rules 2 and 3 once the lockdown is over under the 99 per cent intense level system.

Under the new rules, spectators could have sports, concerts and business conferences, redundant retail, gyms and hospitality could be reopened, and communal services at places of worship could be reopened.

Millions of people in parts of Manchester, Birmingham, Kent, Bristol, Leicester and Essex will be subject to the Tier 3 restrictions.

London, Liverpool, Suffolk and most parts of the UK will be in Tier 2, meaning pubs and bars must not be operated as restaurants serving closed meals.

Community Secretary Robert Genrick told Sky News there was “every reason” to expect some regions to move lower after the first fortnightly review on December 1.

As it stands, only Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and the Isles of Skill will return to Tier 1 in December.

People are urged to work from home “where possible” and to avoid using public transport wherever they can.

The local ban will remain in effect until spring, but the rules will be relaxed for five days at Christmas.

Professor John Edmonds, a member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group on Emergency Expectations, told BBC Radio 4:

However, despite more than 70 MPs opposing the strict level system, Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove has argued that healthcare could be “overwhelmed” if the new restrictions are not supported.

The minister said MPs must ‘take responsibility for tough decisions’ if tough action is taken this week.

The prime minister’s decision to impose such a system would cost the economy £ 900 million a day, a top economic forecaster suggested.

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How many people face strict level restrictions?

If the lockdown comes after December 2, more than 41 per cent of the population across England will have to endure three levels of restrictions. This is about 23.3 million people across the country.

This is a total of 119 local authority zones, with the largest population (1.1 million people) coming from Birmingham. In contrast, Leicestershire Melton has the lowest population at 51,200.

Despite 11 positions entering three levels on December 29, only eight are currently showing signs of emerging in their Covid-19 cases. Seven of these are located in south-east England and the eighth in Handburn in the north-west.

When the current lockdown ends, another 32.2 million people, 5.3.3 percent of the population, will enter Tier 2.

Use our postcode tool to find out what level your region is at.

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