How Britain keeps people away from travel

WHen Travel Educated, the traveler is learning a lot about Britain’s new self-image. The country, which created the genre of travel literature and has presented itself as “Global Britain”, as Brexit shuts itself down and systematically discourages people from leaving or leaving the country. While inside contact blocks are falling due to successful vaccination campaigns, communication with the outside world is being stopped as much as possible. Benchmarks are no longer old partners on the continent, but in island states such as Australia and New Zealand.

Travel is prohibited, which is why departure from London begins with uncertainty. Unlike Germany, travel abroad is not only in the words of the Prime Minister, “illegal” and therefore punishable under the law. According to the government website, anyone who wants to leave the island should be able to present it and also be able to document “reasonable excuses”. This connection is probably deliberately hidden on the countless pages that the government uses to inform about epidemic behavior. In any case, family visits are not included until you can present an invitation to the funeral. “Work” is most likely to be accepted.

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