How big is the flag? A bizarre argument between the BBC and Tory media

It is easy for some politicians during a television interview to make sure that they are not only in the picture, but also the flag of their country. But Union Jack, who was recently featured behind British Minister Robert Generich, came to the presenter of the program BBC Breakfast something unusual. At the end of the conversation, Charlie State thanked the minister and said, “I think your flag does not meet the standard dimensions for a government interview”; It is “a little bit”. State’s co-host Naga Munchetti’s laughter could be heard in the background. “Just an idea,” Stat said with a smile.

Two BBC presenters will be aware that they will trigger a wave of outrage. For example, Munshi liked a tweet saying that he and the States were “getting themselves in trouble again”. In the end it happened. In a constantly upbeat social network, a flag dispute immediately broke out, as some see it as a gentle joke to others.

There is not a single Union Jack in the annual report! Such things are now being seriously discussed

In any case, there were all kinds of complaints from the BBC. The broadcaster then announced that both presenters were “reminded of their responsibilities”, including the BBC’s guidelines on fairness and social media. State’s comment was “thoughtless” and was not intended to be derogatory or derogatory. Munshity apologized for liking the “offensive” tweet.

Whoever thought that the Tories did not know the end of the matter. At least that large part of the Conservative Party that considers the BBC too expensive, too leftist and too inconsistent. For those who see it this way, the Union Jack is a symbol of their fight against the BBC.

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How this campaign is run can be seen this week at a virtual parliamentary hearing with BBC boss Tim Davey. Tory MP James Wilde tried to take the opportunity to show Dewey. He asked: “Do you know how many central flags were shown in the 268-page annual report? Dewey admitted he had no idea. The correct answer would be: not a single one. Was he surprised? Jung asked. No, Dewey explained, he thought it was “an odd measure.” And said that Broadcasting House, the headquarters of the BBC, proudly wears a Union Jack.

Then proceeded a little further. Finally, Wilde sets up a clip of the conversation Twitter. The responses were then divided as follows BBC Breakfast-Broadcasting. Some insulted Tory as an idiot, others persuaded him.

And as in the Conservative Party, it did not take long to contact the Prime Minister about the flag dispute. Boris Johnson replied, “We should see that there is a great deal of spontaneous metropolitan bias in the BBC News Room.”

The government eventually reacted in its own way. On Wednesday it announced that all government buildings would be flagged with a Union Jack in the future. The briefing room, where future White House style press conferences are to be held, is also ready for use. Johnson is said to have been there for the first time on Monday. Then you will see no less than four Union Jacks behind him. Very large, perhaps.

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