How Amazon Wants to Be the “Home of the Champions League”

It has been clear for almost a year and a half that the Champions League will no longer be seen on Sky, but on DAZN and Amazon Prime Video from the coming season. While most matches are streaming on DAZN, Amazon can pick the top games on Tuesday evening. After prolonged preparation, it will start in just a few weeks. The people Amazon relies on for its broadcasts have been known for some time, now that the streaming service has presented its entire team in a press conference and announced the details of the broadcast.

Sebastian Hellman, who will continue to appear on Sky, will moderate every Tuesday in the studio in Cologne with either Shari Reeves or Annika Zimmermann. Two women take turns and the other then stands in the stadium as a reporter. Sebastian Benesh and Jan Krebs are also part of the moderation team. The commentator duo is made up of Jonas Friedrich and Benedict Howedes. At a press conference on Tuesday, the two said they had spoken to an English commentator duo and had received suggestions on how double commenting could work.

Other experts on the Amazon Prime Video team are Mario Gomez, Mathias Samer, Wolfgang Stark and Kim Kulig. Most of all, Summer’s signature was surprising. He was also the face of the Bundesliga broadcast at Eurosport for a while, but then quit his job to take it easy. He is now celebrating his TV return on Prime Video: On Tuesday he said Prime Video would be less strategic in analysis. In this way, the physical and psychological aspects will also be examined and leadership within the teams will be discussed. “It’s a lot more of a balance than in Eurosport,” says Samar.

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Samar: Less strategy than in Eurosport

It is still unclear with which game the new CL era will begin in about three weeks. Alex Green, managing director of Prime Video Sports for Europe, gave an overview of how things work on match day. For example, Amazon has classic pre- and post-reporting on the games being broadcast in each case. And it should come as no surprise that someone will always show up to German sports. In addition, a highlight show is planned for later, which will also feature photos from other games of the day. A reporter who always sends the streaming service the second Germany game of the day might have his say there.

Prime Video will become “the home of the Champions League” on Tuesday, Alex Greene said in a Tuesday press conference and thus thumping the marketing horn. The DAZN team will probably see it differently, but it can be assumed that both companies will benefit from the deal. Alex Green said on Tuesday that the broadcast would be done “subscriber first”. The streaming giant doesn’t want to overwhelm viewers with too much technology. Smaller features are still planned. So it would be possible to turn off the comments and just experience the stadium sound. Games are also streamed in UHD quality.

no linear charisma

Transfers will be integrated into existing Prime subscriptions, not adding to the cost. Overall, in addition to movies and series, the subscription also provides fast delivery in Amazon’s actual core business. For anyone hoping for a linear broadcast of CL Games, Tuesday was bad news for Alex Green. Will not done. But you want to make the game available on all possible devices.

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As a production partner for the broadcast, Amazon works with the British company Sunset & Vine. Alex Green said the team there already had good experiences in Great Britain. In Germany, RTL’s subsidiary CBC is one of the production partners. The highlight show after the live game also comes from Nobio Studio.

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