House of Paper isn’t complete yet: A new series in the universe of Money Heist has been confirmed by Netflix.

The final episode of House of Paper hits Netflix this weekend. The story that began a few years ago is over for good, but if you want to better understand the history of the characters in Money Heist, you still have a chance.

Following the arrival of House of Paper to Berlin, a spinoff series will be built around the character of the same name from the popular Netflix production. The announcement was made by the makers of the show themselves, and it looks like it is being produced by the same team. So you can expect the same level of adrenaline and action.

The sequel to Money Heist Berlin, also on Netflix.

The show’s producers decided to bring Berlin to the fore in a standalone series as they see him as the most charismatic member of the entire outlaw group.

The announcement was made in the middle of the week at an event called “La Casa de Papel: El Legado” (“La Casa de Papel: The Legacy”) held at the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid. The new series will premiere on Netflix in 2023, but, at least for now, it’s unclear whether other Money Heist characters will be in it or what this spin-off will be about.

“It’s a memorable moment because we’ve come to the end of a cycle, but it’s a new beginning. I spoke to Jesus (the series’ executive producer Colmener) and told him we were headed in an unknown direction, but Perhaps as beautiful and exciting as the ending, ”said Pedro Alonso, who plays the old Berlin brother of the professor.

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He said he wanted the action to allow him to ‘fly’. He said he felt an overwhelming “respect and a great responsibility” because the original series was so well received and he hoped viewers would do the same with the upcoming spin-off.

It was announced the same day that the final five episodes of the series aired, which you can now watch on Netflix.

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