Hotel curiosities you didn’t know about

When it comes to travelling, one of the first decisions to make is to choose a hotel or, if you wish, some other kind of place to stay. But, a great hotel adventure and experience on holiday sounds great and to some extent, impossible, right? Well no, it’s not impossible.

Thanks to the advances that have occurred in the world, the owners of the incredible hotels mentioned below, took the initiative to create new and unique hotels for the enjoyment of all. Although some of these hotels are mostly aimed at adults.

A different and innovative experience while staying is a reality nowadays. Get to know those curiosities of some hotels that maybe you didn’t even know existed.

1.- Thalassotherapy – Hoteles Lopesan

In the Lopesan hotels in Gran Canaria, a curious technique is practised that has been tried and tested but is unknown to many, which reduces stress levels and improves health in the process, called thalassotherapy. It takes advantage of the positive components and properties of salt water, making it one of the best treatments for the body.

Thalassotherapy not only uses salt water, it also relies on sand, algae and other natural substances to improve your mental and physical health through natural relaxation. In addition to rejuvenating the skin, relieving muscle pain and improving blood circulation, this method also helps to treat hypertension, rheumatic pain and respiratory problems.

Not only does it have these incredible positive effects, it also helps people suffering from insomnia, people with anxiety and those who find it difficult to fall asleep. Amazing, isn’t it? Now, in case you are very interested in thalassotherapy and want to know more about it, you can access this link.

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2.- Coffin beds – Propeller Island City Lodge

It is located in Berlin, Germany. It has cool rooms, which are surrounded by mirrors, change their colour, float, among other qualities. But what makes this place of accommodation so intriguing is that they offer you two coffins to sleep in instead of a bed.

3.- A gigantic hotel complex – Marina Bay Sands

The most expensive hotel in the world is located in Singapore, which opened in 2010. This place to stay is gigantic, with some 2,500 rooms, not to mention a casino, swimming pools, a science and art museum, gardens, restaurants, a shopping mall, convention halls, theatres and nightclubs. Amazing, isn’t it?

4.- Enjoy and rest behind bars – Hotel Alcatraz

It is possible to stay in a prison, the hotel that acts like one is located in Kaiserslautern, Germany. It has about 56 rooms. When guests arrive, they are treated like convicts, but with excellent service and glasses of wine while behind bars.

5.- A delight of colours – Pantone Hotel

If chromotherapy is your thing, this hotel is the one for you. It is located in Brussels. It has an incredible design and decoration, based on a colour guide that is totally aimed at delighting its guests.

6.- Rest and enjoy the company of sea creatures – Poseidon Undersea Resorts

In the Fiji Islands, more precisely 20 metres below the sea, it is possible to find a fascinating 5-star hotel, one of the most expensive ones. It has some 220 suites with an incredible view of the deep sea. Here you can enjoy the view of the sea, tropical fish and corals.

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7.- Pays you if you produce energy – Crown Plaza Hotel

This amazing four-star green hotel is located in Denmark. It pays its guests to produce energy. All you have to do is pedal a bicycle for 15 minutes and you get paid around 27 euros. Great, isn’t it? And if you want, you can exchange this payment for gastronomic services offered by the hotel.

8.- Lodging under rocks – Kokopelli’s Cave

This hotel is located in a cave, which was excavated in the United States, more precisely in the Ojo Alamo, in 1981. It is about 70 feet below the cliff, vertically. Its rooms have a bed in the bedroom, a futon in the main room and the bathroom has a waterfall shower made of natural stone and wooden beams, which fills a whirlpool tub. Thus having one of the most authentic natural stone bathrooms.

These hotels are incredible, their curiosities make them even more special. Choose the one that catches your attention and visit it, you are sure to enjoy it to the fullest.

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