Hospitalization continues to fall slightly

One patient was treated at the Kovid unit of a hospital in Marseille. – Daniel cole

The paradox is always the same: a virus that is widely transmitted, but a hospital pressure that slowly emits. The figures for hospitalization and admissions for intensive care of Kovid-19 patients are actually slightly lower this Saturday, indicates Public Health France. On Friday, 26,196 patients are ill in hospitals with Kovid-19 as against 26,424. Down one figure for the fifth consecutive day.

In the last 24 hours, the agency has recorded 1,085 new admissions (against 1,405 on the first day). That is, the lowest figure for this indicator since Saturday, January 9 (944), except Sunday. Pressure is also slightly alleviated in intensive care: 3,294 patients with Kovid-19 are hospitalized, compared to 3,298 days earlier. As a reminder, their number had risen to 7,000 in the spring and 4,900 in the fall. Intensive care units have admitted 191 patients in the last 24 hours (Friday +264 Friday).

While waiting for the variants?

But the rate of contamination is not weakening: Public Health France reported 21,231 new cases in 24 hours, compared to 20,701 on the first day. In one day, 199 people died of the disease, the total number of deaths since the onset of the epidemic being 81,647.

In one week, there are 10,037 new hospitals and 1,795 intensive care admissions. These figures have remained relatively stable since the beginning of the year, while health officials are looking into the potential influx of patients as new versions of the virus have arrived in France and are considered more contagious.

The positivity rate remains stable compared to the previous day, which is 6.1%. According to the Directorate General of Health, on behalf of vaccination, more than 2.2 million people received the first injection and about 640,000 people received the dose.

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