Horror anthology film Scar US UK release announced

scare us, a dark and vicious serial killer horror anthology, will be released in the UK on Monday 13 June 2022, courtesy of Koch Films. It will be available through the Sky Store, Virgin Movies, Apple TV/iTunes and Amazon, as well as Google Play and Xbox.

One of the 10 best occult horror gems of 2021, the 5-part killer story centers on an unlikely group of aspiring writers living in Sugarton, a small town plagued by the apparent return of an assassin. Notorious serial, nicknamed “Killer”. As usual, they meet at a local bookstore run by band leader Peter to share their horror stories, but tonight they’re about to find out that they’ve become the stars of a distorted tale of a sick killer.

Filmed in Arizona over a period of 16 days, scare us Directed by Ryan Henry Johnston (Lead Director, Knight Hall Co-Director), Carl Jensen IV (Dead Ringer Co-Director), Ryan Kojolberg (Untethered Director), Charlotte Lilt (Knight Hall Co-Director), Tom Jay . McCoy (director of The Resting) and Jordan Pilar (co-director of Dead Ringer)

Co-director/producer Ryan Henry Johnston commented: “We hope UK audiences will enjoy three of the best and most unique aspects of the film: each of the five main characters who narrate their own short story. The story must be told, and each story has its own style, tone, and subgenre. Our goal was to create an anthology that every type of horror fan could enjoy, and I hope everyone It will do. And Tom Sandoval fans of Vanderpump Rules get to see him doing something different.

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Koch Films is an independent film and home entertainment distributor and a subsidiary of Koch Media GmbH, established in 1994. The group is a major distributor of games, movies and software. Koch Media GmbH has offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Poland, the Czech Republic, as well as subsidiaries in the United States and Australia. In February 2018, Koch Media joined the Swedish group Embraer.

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