Horror and zombie movie lovers prepare better for epidemic

Fans of “The Walking Dead” do you experience the epidemic better? Don’t laugh, this is shown in a study done by an American university.

The researchers interviewed more than 300 participants and their findings are as follows: People who regularly consume horror or survival fiction (such as zombie films) will be better prepared for the epidemic, suffer less psychologically and may show more resilience..

The explanation put forward is that exposure to horror stories can serve as a form of training the audience that can be beneficial in real-life situations. These experiences can give information to individuals and serve as references.

Since watching horror movies shows that viewers have a hand in the fight against life, don’t forget the Tipik on TV every Friday evening, we show you some very scary movies! This Friday, January 29, get ready to shudder in front of “Strangers: Prey at Night”, in a ruthless hide-and-seek with masked murderers …

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