Horizon: A VR game developed by Firesprite in the pipeline?

There is a week for the day, Sony announced that it has acquired Firesprite, a British studio Which therefore joins the ranks of PlayStation Studios. If the latter isn’t particularly well known to gamers, it’s that we pay for games like The Playroom and The Persistence, both of which have benefited from a version compatible with PlayStation VR . One detail that is important as it may be related to recent rumours. In XboxEra Podcast Episode 74, Insider Nick Baker said he’s heard from his sources that Firesprite has started working on a VR game set in the Horizon universe.. As such, it will not be a simple adaptation of Horizon Zero Dawn or Horizon Forbidden West, but in factA new adventure inspired by the Guerrilla Games license.

Fighting against Horizon’s machines in VR? This Is Today’s Rumor – Credit(s) : Sony Interactive Entertainment

However, he was unable to say whether this would be a full Half-Life: Alix-style game or a smaller-scale Batman: Arkham VR-style experience. Sure, Needless to say this is only a rumor and hence should be taken with a grain of salt at this time, even if Baker has already proved the credibility of his information several times. interesting fact, Firesprite just started yesterday a recruitment drive with 40 vacancies for “multiple projects”. The future will tell us what the matter is. Remember that according to Hermann Hulst, as head of PlayStation Studios, Firesprite won’t be dedicated solely to PS VR-related projects. Also, we are still waiting for the news of PSVR 2, which was formalized by Sony in early 2021.

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