Honda sells its factory in Swindon, UK

It is from 2019 that Honda has decided to stop its production in England, looking for a buyer for its factory in Swindon, Wiltshire, where the Honda Civic is produced. Was the buyer After all found it And it comes Pantoni, One of the largest companies in the world dealing with buying and renting of industrial and logistic structures.

Honda sold its Swindon factory in Panatoni in the UK (Photo: Honda)

“We are delighted to have a competent new owner for the site”Said Jason Smith, director of Honda UK Manufacturing, who added “From our commitment with Panatoni and the agreements made with Swindon Borough Council, we are confident that the new owner will be able to continue commercial development and create interesting prospects for Swindon and its community”.

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As soon as production of the current generation Honda Civic will be finished (around July 2021) and Honda Honda will start dismantling its factory Plant will deliver to Pantoni in spring of 2022. Production of the Civic will be moved to the factory in Yori, Japan.

The Pantonese company is committed to investing more than £ 700 million (about 820 million euros) in the Swindon plant, “To attract new employers and provide for existing activities”.

Last Modified: 29 March 2021

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