Holiday trip: Head of staff to the Premier of Alberta Scoop

The Chief of Staff of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney was forced to resign on Monday, along with the Minister of Municipal Affairs, as a number of elected Alberts lost their positions in the wake of holiday visits that had stigmatized the population.

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Number one in Mr Kenny’s admission, Jamie Huckabe had traveled to the United Kingdom with his family – a country still heavily affected by the epidemic, including a variant of the virus, which led to the suspension of flights is. Country – During the holiday. He returned to Canada on 26 December.

Despite her ban on non-essential travel, for her part, Tracy Allard, the Minister of Municipal Affairs, had decided to go to Hawaii.

“Over the weekend, I listened to the Alberts, who demanded that we send a clear message that these actions had real consequences. That is why I accepted the resignation of Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Ellard and said that I asked my Chief of Staff Jamie Hecabe to resign, which he did “, Jason Kenny announced on Monday-midday.

Elected officials Jeremy Nixon, Jason Stephan, Tanya Fir, Pat Ren and Tani Yao were also punished for losing their positions in various legislative committees.

The Conservative Prime Minister said, “By traveling during the holidays, these people have shown an extreme lack of judgment.”

Minister Allard has been temporarily replaced by Transport Minister Rick Mackiver, while Jason Kenney Principal Secretary Larry Koumier has been proposed as acting chief of staff.

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Also in saskatchewan

In the neighboring province, Premier Scott Moe also accepted the resignation, finalizing the sale of a property to his highway minister, Joe Haggreve, who traveled to Palm Springs, California.

Mr Mo believes that this “inappropriate” visit sent a “wrong message” to the Saskatchewan people. “I think the problem is the notion that there will be different rules for members of the government than the population,” he insisted, asking members of his caucus to refrain from traveling.

These elected officials are not the first in the country to dare to leave Canada during the holidays. In Ontario, Finance Minister Rod Phillips had to resign after his leave in the South, rumored in the media, while in Quebec, Liberal MP Pierre Arkand was removed from his role as a spokesman after protests following a visit to Barbados.

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