Hockey: Germany divides Great Britain according to residuals

Olympic Games: German hockey team devastated Great Britain after losses

The German hockey team celebrated another major victory at the Olympics in the third group game against Great Britain. Despite the initial losses, the DHB team continues to perform brilliantly and thus keep the medal dream alive. The knockout round is calling!

Germany – Great Britain 5:1 (1:1, 0:0, 2:0, 2:0)

0:1 Roper (8th), 1:1 Fox (15th), 2:1 Ruhr (35th), 3:1 Wiegand (43rd), 4:1 Fox (51st), 5:1 Fox (60.)

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Essentials in a nutshell: German hockey men are at the Olympic tournament in Tokyo after a second win in the third game before entering the knockout round. Coach Kais Al Saadi’s team scored a 5:1 (1:1) victory against Great Britain at the Oi Hockey Stadium on Tuesday, thus securing a very important victory in the fight for a good starting position for the quarter-finals. Of. The other rivals are South Africa on Thursday and the Netherlands on Friday. Four teams from a group of six enter the knockout round.

Meanwhile, the German selection got off to a better start in rain from Tokyo, but was initially held back by a goal from Briton Philipp Roper (9th minute). Shortly before the end of the first quarter, Florian Fuchs leveled after a penalty corner (15th). In the second quarter, DHB selection survived a double deficit, with Christopher Ruhr taking the well-deserved lead (35th) after the break. Justus Weigand rose to 3:1 (42nd), with Fuchs reunited in the final leg (51st/60th).

The Al Saadi team reacted well to their first loss in the Olympic tournament against world champions Belgium (1:3) on Monday. Initially, the German selection won an inevitable 7–1 victory against outside Canada.

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6.48 pm: Finished in Tokyo! Germany ravaged Great Britain, despite a brilliant performance and trailing behind. The medal dream is alive!

4th Quarter – 15th Minute: Toor! Hainer closes the penalty corner heavily, but Payne can defend. But then there’s Fuchs, who kicks the dust for his third hit. Great!

Fourth Quarter – 15th Minute: There is one final penalty corner for Germany. However, Great Britain demands video evidence.

Fourth Quarter – 14th Minute: One last small revolt by the British, but the attack failed in Germany’s well-organized target area.

Fourth Quarter – 13th minute: Germany plays it calmly. Staub still comes to a conclusion, but a British bat is on the way.

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4th quarter – 9th minute: Very little comes from Great Britain in this game. A disappointing achievement.

Fourth Quarter – Sixth Minute: Toor! It is the counterattack of the Germans who are now making the decision. Fuchs enters the goal area and passes the ball. Britt Samford seeks to stop Stab’s influence and overcomes his own keeper. The goal belongs to Fuchs as he was the last German on the ball.

4th Quarter – 5th Minute: The German team was unable to complete the first small pressure phase.

Fourth Quarter – Second Minute: Germany does it skillfully and is in control of the game in this quarter as well. You don’t want to give hope to Britain here.

6:29 am: The last quarter begins.

Spell broken with German hockey boys

3rd quarter – 15th minute: But you have to keep playing and do it! Now Fuchs plays an amazing single on British Baseline and Find Weegand too. But his graduate colleague goes to Kaufman’s foot.

3rd Quarter – 13th Minute: Toor! Mats Grambush dances in the opposing goal area and lets the British stand to his left and right. He then brings the ball in front of the goal, where Wiegand only has to push it over the line. Germany grows!

3rd quarter – 10th minute: And after passing a long, high ball, suddenly Ansel is all alone in front of Stadler. The goalkeeper comes out aggressively and can pass a quick finish brilliantly. great work!

3rd quarter – 8th minute: Englishman again! Roper comes to a conclusion in the penalty area, but Stadler is there and pared.

Third Quarter – Sixth Minute: Germany are now ready and will get their next penalty corner. However, Hainer’s conclusion is then pretty harmless. The DHB team has to take more advantage of this.

3rd Quarter – 5th Minute: Toor! Heiner finds Ruhr with a great pass in the left goal field. It pulls in from a sharp angle and hits the turn in the top right corner – an amazing hit! And so worthy!

Third Quarter – Fourth Minute: After a long corner, Ruhr puts the ball well in the middle, but Wiegand misses it.

Third Quarter – Third Minute: Although the conditions have changed radically, the field shows the same picture as in the first round: Germany is pushing for the lead.

Third Quarter – First Minute: Let’s Go!

6:08 am: It is raining heavily in Tokyo now. Players are now making a comeback from dry land.

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Germany dominates – but leaves plenty of opportunities

05:59: The second quarter is over! Germany is highly superior, but it is only 1:1 against Great Britain.

2nd quarter – 14th minute: The German team placed a penalty corner in front of the gate. You are leaving out a lot of options!

2nd quarter – 14th minute: Great opportunity for Germany! Stabs and Waves have a double chance, but the British keeper blocks the effect. Fuchs then takes a third-place penalty corner in the goal area.

2nd quarter – 13th minute: Bowserhoff becomes sad and has to be treated.

2nd quarter – 12th minute: Again a green card for Germany and that causes grumblings from Grambusch. It’s annoying, the DHB team has more numbers.

2nd quarter – 11th minute: Players wait for the rain to intensify in Tokyo. Verdict again: No penalty corner. Okay.

2nd quarter – 11th minute: Weigand was fouled by Draper and took the next penalty corner. But it is still being checked by the video referee as the German moves and past with the bat. A mistake? The referee now has to decide.

2nd quarter – 10th minute: Fuchs takes the ball into the goal area and tries it from an acute angle, but only places the sports equipment on the housing.

2nd quarter – 7th minute: Germany is now outnumbered because Hainer has to go down. difficult decision. But even if they exceed the number, the ball remains in the Germans’ range.

2nd Quarter – 5th Minute: There is a clear dominance of the Germans besieging Great Britain. But when counterattack comes dangerous… just like now! Stadler did a great job.

Second Quarter – Third Minute: Fuchs puts the ball well into the goal area, but where Kaufman does not hit the playing equipment properly. What a shame, a good chance! Germany remains on the trigger.

Second Quarter – First Minute: Continue!

Germany level before the end of the first quarter

1st quarter – 15th minute: Tour for Germany! There is an equalizer after the penalty corner. A few seconds before the end of the first quarter, the ball comes to the middle, Wiegand deftly puts it on Fuchs, who executes the ice cold from a short distance. Great version for 1:1!

1st quarter: 12th minute: Great Britain comes dangerously past the German target, but Truttle is fully awake.

1st quarter – 10th minute: Stieb catches the heart from afar, the ball flies clean over the box.

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First Quarter – Eighth Minute: Tour for Great Britain! Grambush casually loses the ball in a build-up game, Roper switches at lightning speed and slams the ball into the right corner. Germany back soon!

1st quarter – 7th minute: Justus Weigand comes to the ball at short post after a penalty corner, but the British make a careless pardon in front of the box.

First Quarter – Fourth Minute: Almost 1-0! Kaufman appears free in front of goal after an excellent plug-in pass, but slams the ball to the left.

First Quarter – Third Minute: The British are now allowing DHB boys to run for the first time. Then Zwicker intervenes and commits a foul.

First Quarter – First Minute: First Shot on Goal! Staub pulls away from the side, but ally hits Fuchs in the head. The German is really shaken up first and has to go to the bench.

5.15 am: Let’s go! Great Britain has kick-off.

5.10 am: Our hockey boys stand hand in hand and listen to the national anthem. Let’s wait for an exciting game!

05.00 am: Kick-off is about to begin in Tokyo! The German hockey team will have to follow suit after yesterday’s win for the women.

00.30 am: Welcome to Live Ticker from Focus Online. The third group game at the Olympics in Tokyo is on the schedule of German hockey professionals. The kick-off against Great Britain is at 5.15 a.m. German time on Tuesday. The objective is to create a good starting position for the knockout phase.

Olympia: Hockey professional Fuchs promises semi-finals

Qualification for the quarter-finals is not in serious danger from the first defeat, with four of the six teams ahead in the group. Initially the German team defeated Canada 7–1. The German men conceded the first Olympic mood damper in the second preliminary round match, with a 1:3 (0:2) against strong world champions Belgium.

“We still have great games against Great Britain, the Netherlands and South Africa. We will get to the quarter-finals as we win and move on to the semi-finals,” said Florian Fuchs confidently after the initial anger subsided. “Nothing changes in our plan. Whether we are first, second or third – it doesn’t matter much in the end.”

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