Hitman allegedly charged with killing four people in Philadelphia

Hitman allegedly charged with killing four people in Philadelphia

According to prosecutors, a shooter in Philadelphia was killed four times over a nine-month period.

Steven Williams, 25, charged with committing murders for “thousands of dollars” between September 2018 and May 2019, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner Announced on friday.

“The series of violent and violent crimes against our communities ends in the past two plus years today,” Krasner said in a statement.

Williams from Philadelphia were already detained at Pennsylvania state prison for irrelevant charges. Krasner said he was linked to four murders with murder weapons.

Williams initially denied any connection with the murders. But when he was told evidence against him, he claimed that others were conspiring to make him the “fall man” police. Told the Philadelphia investigator.

Police first told the newspaper that the first 35-year-old victim, William Crawford, was shot down his car in the Rhawnhurst section of the city in September 2018.

Williams was also charged with the deaths of 39-year-old Jermaine Simmons, who was shot dead while sitting in a car parked in West Oak Lane in February 2019, and Richard Isaac, 31, who died after being shot in the head in March 2019. newspaper told police in East Mount Airy.

Leslie Carroll, the fourth alleged victim of the Williams newspaper, told the 46-year-old police that he was shot in the Francisville section of the city while sitting in his son’s car in May 2019.

Williams, who was imprisoned without bail, was part of a group of men who killed others for money, a law enforcement source told the newspaper.

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“You go to someone in this group and say,” I want to die like that. ” “They don’t care who they are, they don’t want to know why. All they want to know is, ‘Will you give me portraits of dead presidents on green paper called money?’

The investigation into the alleged murder of the contract continues, the law enforcement agency told the Inquiry.

Philadelphia Defender Association spokesperson, representing Williams, declined to comment on the charges, CBS Philly reported.

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