Historically strong with Donald Trump base and this is his problem

Trump keeps lying about this one thing. And it's a problem.

In both surveys, Trump shows a significant leadership among the Republicans he identified: 93% to Biden (Monmouth) and 92% to 4% (NBC News / Wall Street Journal).

What’s the purpose: Trump played a clear game during his presidency to satisfy the Republican base, and the election shows that this effort clearly works. Even if their overall number is weak, the base does not leave it.

Trump’s problem is that he almost got rid of this support reservoir.

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After doing great effort Trump earns a little less than 95% of Republican primary votes overall, in order to score primarily on primaries against any competition. This is very similar to what you think it would put the presidential election in less than 95% of Republican votes. It will be difficult to go beyond that.
As a matter of fact, Trump currently has higher support among Republican voters than at least 2000 since any Republican. ABC News / Washington Post survey. Like Monmouth and the NBC / Wall Street Journal, Trump has about 95% (at 94%), while Biden only remains at 4%.

No Republican dating back to 2000 had at this point more than 91% of the Republicans who supported it in the ABC News / Washington Post survey. 84% of the Republicans were behind the average Republican. The basic first strategy in these elections was much more meaningful than the previous one during the Trump period.

(The historical nature of these numbers applies if we include independents who entertain the Republican.)

Perhaps Trump believes he doesn’t need to change his strategies because he ignored the advice of most people and still won in 2016. This is a mistake. Trump ran more moderately More than he directed, Trump had much more room to grow with the base in 2016. It has scored only 74% of Republicans who have identified themselves in the ABC News / Washington Survey, the lowest point of any Republican since 2000.

Outside the Republic base where Trump is weak. In ABC / Washington Post (figures are similar for Monmouth and NBC News / Wall Street Journal), Trump is 39% among independents and 3% among Democrats. Both are lower than any Republican at this point in the ABC News / Washington Post poll since 2000.

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In other words, there is much more potential support for Trump outside of the core Republic floor. Trump doesn’t seem to be interested in making an effort.

If Trump does not change things, he may find that the other party’s base is larger than him. Biden wins more of the Democrats on average live interview polls ( NPR / PBS News Hour / Marist College survey) this week (94%) more than the Republicans (92%) won Trump. The average survey measured more Democrats than Republicans in this country, as almost every year.

Continuing its basic first strategy, Trump ensures that he does not see the bottom fall. However, he will find it difficult to accumulate the coalition needed to win.

This story has been updated to include the Sunday results of the NBC News / Wall Street Journal survey.

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