Historic SpaceX rocket to launch more Starlink satellites on Monday

Historic SpaceX rocket to launch more Starlink satellites on Monday

On August 30 a Falcon 9 exploded off


Falcon 9 rocket booster that sent NASA astronauts on the International Space Station SpaceX becomes reusable when it launches another 600 in May Starlink satellite Orbiting at the top of the fire column.

Elon Musk’s trademark reusable rocket will launch a third aircraft when it takes off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This particular unit sent astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Benken into orbit in May and beyond. South Korea has launched a satellite In July. So far SpaceX has been able to launch and land the same rocket Six times.

The launch was originally scheduled for the beginning of the month, but has been postponed several times, including Monday morning due to bad weather, when heavy clouds over Cape Canaveral prevented the launch towards the end of the second half. A scrub for the day was announced for about 30 seconds before the PT planned lift off at 7:30 p.m. A new target launch date has not yet been announced.

When it finally gets off the ground, it should be a fairly routine launch. This will be the 13th Starlink mission so far, and SpaceX’s broadband mega-constellation is growing with dozens more planned.

The nose cone, or half of the fairing, also saw the previous two aircraft, both previous Starlink missions.

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The SpaceX Starship prototype took its first ‘hop’


After the second phase of the rocket and the initiation and separation of the pay-load, the first-level booster will return to Earth to land on a droneship in the Atlantic again.

The whole thing will flow, starting about 10 minutes before the SpaceX launch. When the new launch date is announced, we will update this post and you can also plan to visit here via the feed below.

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