Hirak in Algeria: Dangerous use of force against students on Tuesday

Hirac in Algeria has certainly gone on to suffer a lack of results for two years. On Tuesday, while the ban on demonstrations and assemblages is in force, young students gave a new warning to Algerian authorities.

About 2,000 Algerians, mostly students, but also their teachers and many elderly people, women and men, march through the Algerian streets, signaling the reopening of Hirak, a political movement that brings the entire country together.

“We will not stop,” students in the capital Algiers broke the security cordon imposed by the police, which had become dangerously more repressive in recent weeks, while Hirak had never been attacked for two years. police.

But after facing the failure of Abdelmazid Teboune’s efforts in the eyes of Western democracies, it is once again the repression that has been chosen to intimidate and discourage protesters.

Despite everything, the protesters have found a simple parade to reduce the excess. And it is the elders, grandfathers and grandmothers who are in the front row of demonstrations, deployed face to face with the police force.

Waving the Algerian flag in front of the security forces, which suppressed last Friday’s demonstrations with batons and tear gas, the old people also shouted “Davala madania machi aseria” (not a civilian and military state), the famous slogan of the demonstrations.

But despite the presence of the elders, the police pushed and squeezed the protesters when they called for freedom. “Istiklal! Ishtiklal !, he shouted after the Algerian national anthem was chanted, saying that their marches were peaceful.

“Generals in the garbage, fi ldjazayr talbine l’istiqlal (in Algeria we are asking for freedom)”, he continued to attack, and the women were horrified, crying to you-yous. And to continue the demonstration, the students had to make their way to escape the police and made their way through the small street mohalls to Kaisbah.

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In 2019, these were the same students who started demonstrations with their teachers every Tuesday, and it is thanks to their mobilization that the Hirak march was achieved in rhythm.

Demonstrations took place in several cities in the country, most notably in Baijia, where Hirak directly invoked the political transition “Siada Chabia, Marhala Intakalia” (a political transition that people decide) enchanted the protesters.

As in Algiers, it was the elders who were in the front rows and, behind them, the students. Two years after the beginning of the peaceful diamond march, the Algerians therefore continue to demand an independent and democratic state.

None of the demands have been forgotten, nothing has changed since 2019, except that people are determined to dissent more to hear their voices and hear it clear that they are “neither.” Don’t want Islamic State or Military State. , But “an independent Algeria”.

For Algerians, this is a new part of their history that is being written today defying the ban on collectivism and the Kovid-19 measures.

If Abdelmadzid Teboune tries to initiate “reforms”, especially with his banned cabinet reshuffle, or by dissolving parliament, he calls early legislative elections, but his approach is a rebuttal of people’s demands that complete the rule Want change.

Algiers had boycotted the presidential election, recently boycotted the referendum on amendments to the constitution and would certainly boycott legislative elections once again as they refuse to participate in the plan by a president who does not represent them Do, for whom he did not vote, they allege.

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Following the resumption of Hirac demonstrations in Algeria, France reacted, confirming the situation “very closely” adhered to.

France believes that it is “to determine its future path for and for the Algerians”, calling on Jean-Yves Le Drian, head of French diplomacy, to respect the sovereignty of this friendly country Declared.

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