Hirac’s performance in Algiers was halted again

The weekly march of the anti-diamond movement in Algiers was again neutralized by an influential police force stationed in the capital on Friday.

Since morning, police officers in uniform or in civilian clothes have invaded key places in the city, blocked main arteries and surrounded mosques, from which processions of protesters usually descend.

Police officers in plain clothes were investigating the identity of the passers-by. Departing from the Errahma Mosque in the center of the city, believers were encouraged to return to their homes.
At the end of Friday’s prayer, a hundred people briefly demonstrated in front of the Ramila beach in Bab el Oued, taking advantage of the moments of absence from the police who were quick to chase them.

Reporters and independent photographers are deprived of recognition and cannot cover the Hirak march in general. This shutdown of Algiers comes a day after the inauguration of the campaign for the June 12 legislative elections.

The National Committee for the Emancipation of Detainees (CNLD) on Friday reported several arrests in Algiers and other cities of the country. Most of those arrested are usually released at the end of the day, waiting to be called to court.

According to CNLD, at least 127 people are currently in prison for acts related to hirak and / or personal liberty.

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