Hillary Clinton on Trump’s handling of the coronavirus: ‘I would have done a better job’

Hillary Clinton on Trump's handling of the coronavirus: 'I would have done a better job'

The comment of an ex-opponent who came during an extensive interview on a documentary about Clinton’s life this year suppressed Trump’s hopes of re-election and hits his management on a disappointing issue.

“We could definitely have done better job savings, better modeling, more responsible behavior,” Clinton said. Hollywood Reward “Award Chat” podcast. “I don’t think we should be undergoing an economic attack as deep as we do on livelihoods and jobs. So I know I will do a better job.”

Clinton said that he feels he can do more while trying to do his part by adding, talking and collecting money, adding that “it is annoying to be on the edge in a pandemic.”

The coronavirus pandemic dominated the last four months of American life, including changing every aspect of the presidential campaign. Trump’s campaign struggled to advance against the pandemic and the economic downturn it caused. More than 2.7 million Covid-19 cases in the United States, the world’s most described, and more than 128,000 Americans died.

The former foreign minister and the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate did not hide his disdain for Trump during the meeting and called him a “just-right scorer” and suggested that the country takes care of what it means to be a non-President. not ready for work.

“Some of the work he’s doing the way he crashed, deeply, knows that despite the incredible efforts to deny, the Russians are helping him. He knows WikiLeaks is helping him.” “He is a right score solver and, although history continues to question, he does not want the legitimacy of his choices to be questioned.”

Months after the release of Clinton’s last interview tour “Hillary” and when she began receiving a documentary award. The documentary, which examines Clinton’s life in a four-part series, has recently won the Best Limited Documentary series award by The Critics Choice Association.

In an interview with Clinton, he was asked a series of questions about his life and said that if he did not marry ex-President Bill Clinton and told them about their encounter with Trump, he found what his life would be “impossible”. The 2016 election is “not too much, not a big moment, definitely not for me.”

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However, Clinton’s most remarkable comments came in response to questions about the country’s turmoil regarding both ongoing epidemics, racism and police brutality calculation, and the way voters and senior companies approach the 2020 campaign.

“We split up into information sources,” said Clinton Facebook and some companies are advertising on the site. “Facebook should be held responsible for trafficking human beings in the conspiracy, smuggling false information, and trafficking human disinformation.

“They need to be held accountable because we will make another choice, and everyone should know what is at stake and then vote accordingly.”

Clinton said he would not escape back to the office – “Not on the cards” – but he did not raise a question about whether he thought he would beat Trump if he was running against him in 2020.

“Yes,” he said clearly. “But I think people believe this is a referendum on him.”

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