Hideki Kamiya hopes to update the game in 2021

In the absence of Nintendo Direct, it’s unclear when the news is expected Bayonet 3, Which only indicates life through interviews Hideki Kamiya, Constantly reiterating that the project is progressing well despite the lack of images. The game director, however, wants to be a little happier for fans waiting for the 2021 game, with new information expected to come out this year.

2021, the year of patience

Nintendo Everything translated the director’s comments a few days ago during an arcade archive stream, where he said he hopes to deliver some news about the game soon, while wanting to reveal more about the games. Current projects within the platinum game:

« We’re working on new things like Beyoncita 3, about which I can’t say much … but I hope we can give you some news this year … and some news of the unannounced projects yet Can also be given in the form.. »

You must have understood this, Bayonet 3 Definitely not going to be released in the next few months, no surprise, but Hideki Kamiya is hoping that this year will be one where the game can resume and be less silent.

We expect nothing less, while closely monitoring the announcements of the studio, a game of concern not yet announced. Remember that the platinum game is still working Fall of babylon For Square Enix, and on Project G.G..

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