Hi-Tech – Japan: 319 TB per second transfer sets internet speed record

innovation. Researchers from the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) broke the Internet speed record with 319 terabits per second. According to a report by Canadian electronic journal Vice.com, this is more than double the previous record of 178 TB/s set a year ago by engineers in Japan and the UK.

“The combination of rare earth minerals, a new type of fiber optic cable and a sophisticated laser system has pushed the data at a speed never seen before,” the site says.

The speed test was done in a Japanese laboratory using advanced fiber optic technology. Many fiber optic cables consist of a core and multiple coatings, which protect the data from the inside. “The ICT system used an experimental strand of fiber optic cable, with four cores placed in a cable roughly the size of a standard fiber optic line,” added the same source.

“4-core fiber [multi-cœurs] Initial fibers with a standard sheath diameter are attractive to adopt [de multiplexage par répartition spatiale] in long-distance broadband links, as they are compatible with traditional cable infrastructure and should have reliability comparable to single-mode fibres,” NTIC said in an article on the experiment.

As a reminder, NTIC looped the data through coiled pieces of fiber optic, which simulated a transmission distance of 3,001 km, or about 1,864 miles, without any degradation in signal or speed. The researchers used a 552-channel comb laser firing at multiple wavelengths and pushing it through amplifiers made of rare earth minerals to achieve incredible speeds.

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