Herman Gossens: “We will not be able to stop this British version, it is impossible”

The latest analyzes show the increasing presence of British tension in Belgium.

LHe is a guest on the show, Professor of Microbiology at Antwerp Hermann Gossens University to the point, He and his laboratory understood the tests that were being offered about the discovery of variants of coronovirus and their concern about the presence of British strain on our earth.

“We saw 17 clusters, half of which (eight clusters, note) were due to the British version,” he said.

“It is worrying that the three‘ British ’groups cannot be combined to travel or make contact with passengers. The other five groups approached or approached the passengers. Only one had traveled to Britain, another to Lebanon, another had gone skiing in Switzerland, another in Dubai and a fifth had been in contact with someone who had gone to Dubai. There are some hot spots such as Swiss Ski Resort and Dubai, but it is certainly a lot more than the UK. “

To prevent this version, Herman Gossens, chairman of the taskforce set up by the commissioner on the quorum test strategy, is also not going four ways: it is too late. “We are not able to stop this version, it is impossible. I think there are several dozen or hundreds of cases in Belgium. In Brussels in particular, there has been a very dramatic increase in recent weeks. “.

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