Heritage in danger? “We don’t need a prince!”

Prince Charles, 72, is the heir to the throne in the history of the British monarchy, having had to wait the longest to take office. She is now quite popular with many Britons, but now a massive campaign against her shows that this is not the case everywhere.

Prince Charles: Big demand

Prince Charles will one day become king. Sooner or later he will ascend the throne of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and only then head of state of the united kingdom Happen. But not everyone is excited about the idea. Although the royals around the world extremely popular and the British royal family in particular is extremely famous, there are always voices that a end of monarchy Demand. And now their protest is directed against the heir to the throne of all peoples. There is a whole in it. Is particular reason.

Prince Charles: Are the Welsh against him?

As “DailyMail” reports, there is currently a massive one in Wales. Poster campaign against Prince Charles. It seems to have the support of the population, as according to the newspaper it should be £25,000 from crowdfunding for this has been organized. Perhaps that is why it is so important to Andrew Davies, a Conservative politician from Welsh, that the campaign does not reflect the general opinion of the Welsh people. “The Royal Family is extremely popular in Wales because their presence represents stability in the UK and because they are illustrious ambassadors for our country“, he says and adds:

The campaign behind this poster does not simply reflect Welsh public opinion.

Still: the posters themselves make a great impression clear message.

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You can read more about Prince Charles here:

Prince Charles: Will his job soon become obsolete?

The campaign was organized by “Republic”, an organization that has been campaigning for years to ensure that abolished monarchy Will. If they could get away with it, it would be for Charles, but also for Prince William, Duchess Kate and their children clear result. Over and over again, the “republic” targets Prince Charles – just as it is in Wales right now. A large picture of the heir to the throne can be seen on posters posted in Cardiff, Swansea and Aberdare. Then the obvious slogan:

Wales doesn’t need a prince

In both Welsh and English.

A clear message that is certainly anything but pleasant for Charles, who bears the title of “Prince of Wales.” Exactly why he is now the target of the “Republic” is not entirely clear. But if you take a look at the Instagram page of the organization, you will see that no other members of the royal family There contacted so many times Like Charles. Do the Anti-Rajians meet their demands? will succeed, remains to be seen. It is certainly not pleasant for Charles to learn that there will once again be many such posters hanging all over Wales.

sources used: dailymail, instagram

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