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Sofia’s title, almost hidden from last year’s hype, has given us a genetic sinner Now recovering from the negative period of the mid-season mid-season, with four consecutive losses to O’Connell in Atlanta and a couple of previous victories, with all due respect to opponents, we hadn’t skinned our hands. a period that coincides with situations away from favorites (difficult, especially indoors) and, perhaps, even Some understandable insecurities after some techno-tactical changes, Between assists in serve and the pursuit of the net – an area far from comfortable by nature -, the end goal which necessarily passes through improving the management of the balls to attack, all advantageous positions not to miss. Those who push him from the bottom line, make them.

Washington turned around and zeroed in on the lost sets in Sofia

If success at the ATP 500 in Washington was accompanied by a sharp turn, overcoming players of not flashy but fierce and excellent form, in Bulgaria we saw Jannik reach the final without expressing his best tennis, only to find him. Last stand for. just happening always won in two sets while playing worse than the opponents, At least in part, it is a very important sign of a renewed confidence after the haze of summer. But there is more. Against Gerasimov, Duckworth and Krajinovic, despite being anything but graceful and often sizable forehands, Blue still won a set with relative ease and above all, He managed to reverse the fraction that seemed to be lost. When the other found himself serving to close the set, Jannik on the one hand was good at not giving up (disappointment for a bad day and “there’s only one set”), but at responding and leveling up; On the other side of the net, however, the inevitable collaboration of those who feel “I can beat the sinner, the defending champion, the first seed”.

A humiliating confrontation with Rafa Nadala

Without going into exaggerated comparisons (which won’t be lacking soon), let’s think about some of the victories of a poorly focused Nadal – this year with Shapovalov and Papi in Rome, Ivashka in Barcelona – who appeared to be with him. To be able to do the above or so, but in the end they lost. If it’s impossible to counter-proof, then the idea that they might have won against a different contender who performed similarly to Rafa isn’t too far-fetched. or by birth.

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In their trio, Fognini, Barazutti and Bertolucci beat stronger players than Janicci.

In any case, last Sunday Sinner lifted the season’s third trophy, leveling Fognini, Barazutti and Bertolucci, with the still-open prospect of becoming the first Blue with four titles in a season. If we go to see the best opponent we overtake in each tournament, the sinner does not reach the peaks of his allies:

sinner, 2021
Sofia (indoor/hard), n. 20 monfils
Washington (outdoor/hard) n. 45 korda
Melbourne 1 (outdoor/hard), n. 20 Khachanov

Fognini, 2018
Los Cabos (outdoor/hard), n. 4 Del Potro
Bastad (outdoor/soil), N.O. 29 gasket
San Paolo (indoor/clay), N.Y. 31 cuvas

Bertolucci, 1977
Berlin (outdoor/soil), n. 33 Victor Pesik
Hamburg (outdoor/clay), n. 7 Manuel Orantes
Florence (outdoor/earthen), n. 38 Pechi

Barazutti, 1977
Parigi-2 (Indoor/Hard), N. 4 Brian Gottfried
Bastad (outdoor/soil), N.O. 37 Balazs Tarozzi
Charlotte WCT (outdoor/clay), n. 8 Eddie Dibs

In motion… with Corrado, Paolo and Fabio, however, no competition

To balance this “flaw” in terms of other rankings, Janic has a younger arrow on his bow, having achieved this result in twenty seasons against Corrado’s 24, Paolo’s 26 and Fabio’s 31. . And we can’t fail to note that the tennis of the ’70s was less competitive than contemporary, with the odds narrowing down on the basis of an athletic preparation (not to mention the focus on nutrition, mental and everything else). ) not even comparable compared to forty years ago. Another feature that speaks in favor of Rosso di Sesto is the qualification for hard surfaces – by far the most common at the Tour – where only two of the other three Italians’ nine titles were won from clay. but, usually occurs in blue panoramas A top 15 (very few) reached with speed unknown to compatriots Who can mention those top ranking in their CV. When it comes to giving the last paw, it does not even spoil the balance of 4-1. Looking at the 2019 Next Gen Final, a balance turns 5-1: the ATP has decided (with guilty delays, to ask Chung) not to count that title, but the peculiarities of a final, which What many consider a match in itself, overcomes some technicalities.

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Three incidents tell about him

On genera and their properties, the hungry entity known as the Big 3 has already had the opportunity to express itself. According to Roger Federer, our “Has equal speed with both forehand and backhand, as well as moving amazingly for one of his heights. And above all he is a golden boy”. Djokovic says that “He hits the ball accurately on more or less all surfaces, he is versatile, he is very talented and he is fit. This is the future of our sport, and probably already the present “. and for Nadali “He’s one to watch very carefully”.

Where were the 3 events in 20 years and 2 months?

Remaining on three events, to which we also add the undead, we wonder where they were at twenty and (not even) two months, the current age of a sinner who claims four titles and n . Ranking 14. We already know that Rafa is off scale, So let’s get him out of the way (in a good way) first: seventeen titles and the second tennis player in the world — but he doesn’t count because he’s left-handed (or he’s on a tiny island or some other pretext). For Noelle in the top 5, she had five trophies on the bulletin board, while Roger humbly counted only one title and n. 12 ATP. Murray in the end, having won two tournaments, had his first Top 10 experience. In short, if the improbably twenty-year-old band of Fab 4 wants to expand to Fab 5 (so from The Beatles to Duran Duran), Janic won’t be disfigured at all.

He would play doubles to train the opening game shots. Paul McNamey compares it to Berrettini

There is an Indian Wells tournament in the near future, in which Janic is also present in the doubles side with Matteo Berrettini. Although the pair should be read from a clear Davis Cup perspective (Fognini plays it alongside Lorenzo Sonego), this is the ninth special tournament he participates in this year, a sign that he and his team want to take advantage of every reasonable opportunity. Huh. For To test work in service and training on flight game, As well as becoming familiar with the importance of those conditions. And the challenges along the corridors aren’t too bad to improve response, one of the foundational shots of the modern game and for which Sinner is already in the tennis elite. about this couple Paul McNamee, already winner of four doubles Grand Slam titles and director of the Sofia tournament, told Ubaldo Scanagatta that “Janik is a complete all-court player, while Matteo relies more on his heavy forehand after an equally powerful serve. different styles, therefore, with Sinners more suitable for linear features of hard courts and mateo which is better suited for grass and soil”.

Jannik Looks More Like Lendl Than LeConte, He’s More Fab 4 Than Kyrgios

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There is always a rule for each one to keep his path in mind and we don’t even pretend to forget that the development of a tennis player is not linear, but by thinking about where Berrettini and Sonego were five years ago, we should be able to make further progress. fills you with optimism. On a capacity basis not yet fully expressed. in reverse, The sinner has ample room for improvement, A phrase that in his case to limit himself to saying that he is “poor” on a few strokes is not an ironic euphemism, but a well-established hypothesis that may fill those gaps. Established because Janic is a perfectionist, he does not shy away from self-criticism, looks ahead and constantly thinks of improvement: with the mindset that Lendl more than LeConte or more Fab 4 than Kyrgios, One can only be confident of achieving those goals – that first.

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