Here it Grenoble Alpes University received the label “with society and for society”.

In November 2021, France’s Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation awarded the “Science with and for Society” label to eight French universities, including the University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA). This label is given for a period of three years.

It comes down to “encouraging establishments that encourage actions and foster synergy between actors of scientific culture in their fields”, we learn in a press release. Thus, UGA and its partners are rewarded for their investments and work done in this area.

three projects launched

One of the notable projects that led to this labeling is the transformation of the CCSTI La Casemate into a Public Establishment for Cultural Cooperation (EPCC) at the beginning of the year. The establishment, supported by the Grenoble Alpes Metropole, Region, Isre Department, UGA and the Rectorate, aims to organize the deployment of scientific culture in the metropolitan area and to support the opening of a future Cosmosite Science Center in Pont-Centre. D-Clex, by 2022.

In addition, this labeling will make it possible to launch three new projects: the construction of an observatory for scientific culture, the creation of a science and society chair and the launch of a knowledge biennial in 2023.

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