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Players do the greatest things – especially when they’re also game developers – and that’s for sure the thing that I feel stupid for not looking miles away. Rami Ismail, a former Vlombi celebrity, decided to test the accuracy of the Microsoft flight simulator by piloting a flight to play on the same flight in real life. The future has come for sure.

Identifying how precisely his game flight and real plane were identified on the way to Amsterdam Ismail posted the progress of his plane posted In most cases, it sounds like the simulation was impressively integrated with real life.

Throughout the flight, Ismail notes that entering and exiting the clouds occurred at intervals of about a few seconds between life and the game, even at high altitudes the distance above the clouds seemed to match. The plane of his game fell about four minutes behind at one point but he was finally able to land on the screen in Amsterdam about four minutes before his real-life plane.

You can start from the beginning of Ismail’s flight adventure Here on Twitter And it’s worth checking out the few videos and images he’s shown behind the scenes. In multiple instances, I was almost 95% sure on my own screen that I knew which game and which was real life. Doesn’t the stars actually look like that? This is definitely the game.

Ismail may not have tried any of the first flights, but it’s pretty neat to see the documentation

The next update of Microsoft Flight Simulator in January will give the UK a spitshine. As with other inevitable tricks, Twitch Flight Simulator played and probably didn’t go horribly.

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