Here are the American sectors where things are back

From retailing to restaurants in America, people are returning to their old jobs or finding new ones. Here professions reported the most earnings:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, restaurants and bars contributed about 1.4 million jobs when they reopened nationwide in May.

A bartender serves drinks at the L 'escale restaurant in Greenwich, Connecticut.

While restaurants and bars are classified by governments as important businesses that can only operate for takeaway and delivery, most are still closed during orders to stay at home. Some businesses found it difficult or economically impossible to adopt this model, or had other public health problems.

Construction worker

A construction worker looks at traffic while a new tower is being built.

Another sector that saw the gains was the construction sector, where the number of jobs increased by 464,000 in May and regained almost half of what they lost in April. Construction is part of the first phase of reopening the activity and many projects continue to work.

Retail employees

Social removal points are marked on the floor inside the Aviator Nation clothing store.
367,800 jobs returned in the retail industry, clothing stores saw the biggest gain. Gap announced in May that it will reopen 800 stores, including the Old Navy. space (GPS), Banana Republic and Athleta brand stores.

Starting in March this week, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said that the company employs over 300,000 employees in the US, most of them temporary workers, helping existing store workers “lighten some of the burden faced by them” and give those who lose their jobs more opportunities. .

Factory workers

Surgical masks are made of polypropylene fabric, which is spun and tied.

Factory jobs also made a comeback as they went through the first phase of the reopening process. The manufacturing industry added 225,000 jobs.

Good news for an industry that sees this biggest drop in production Cars, planes and other factories have stopped work to protect workers from the epidemic.


Dentist When working with a patient in Seattle, Kathleen Saturay is wearing additional protective equipment, including a face mask and disposable mask.

While hospitals and other basic medical services remained open, dentists closed their offices and only saw patients who needed urgent care.

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With the reopening of dental offices, which added 244,800 jobs, healthcare leases increased significantly.

“This news is definitely encouraging for the economy and the dental industry, but it’s important for patients to return to their clinicians with confidence and confidence, and to understand the link between good oral health and overall body health,” said President and CEO Pat Bauer. Said. Supporting more than 1000 dentistry practices in the USA, Heartland Dental’s Company estimates that dental surgeries add about 6,000 jobs, all of which return from employee returns.

Delivery and laundry workers

A Postmates distribution officer stands outside a Shake Shack in Washington, D.C.
Meanwhile, personal and laundry services added 182,300 jobs. This category includes food distribution workers classified as employees, but does not count contractors such as Postmates and Uber Eats part-timer or some Amazon drivers. Laundry is considered an important business and some are carelessly closed now reopened.


The concierge walks through Brookfield Plaza, a shopping center in Manhattan's Financial District.
While businesses disinfect their facilities to prevent the spread of the virus, cleaning services more important than ever. Services to buildings and residences added 68,400 jobs last month. Labor Statistics Bureau.

CNN Business’ Anneken Tappe contributed to this report.

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