Here are the actual figures of adverse reactions of Pfizer and AstraZeneca in the UK

Cardiologist and researcher Pierpolo Pelissori at the University Hospital of Glasgow sent recorded data to his Italian colleagues in the United Kingdom on the adverse reactions of AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

I am giving readers a WhatsApp that my niece, a heart surgeon at Bergamo’s main hospital, sent to colleagues, friends and relatives to reassure them about the safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The author of the text is an associate of Pierpolo Pellicori, a cardiologist and researcher at the University Hospital of Glasgow. Following a four-day blockade of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Italy, Germany, France and Spain, on 16 March, Pelissori sent data recorded in the United Kingdom (UK) to its Italian partners on adverse reactions.
AstraZeneca E Pfizer.

Literally: «As of February 28, 2021, approximately 10,7 million Pfizer doses and 9.7 million AstraAnica doses have been administered in the UK. Among the adverse events reported in the days following vaccination, heart attack disease AZ 36 (17 fatal), Pfizer 30 (6 fatal); Stroke AZ 71 (10 fatal), Pfizer 100 (10 fatal); Pulmonary embolism AZ 13 (1 fatal), Pfizer 15 (1 fatal); Venous thrombosis AZ 14 (zero fatal), Pfizer 8 (zero fatal); Low platelets (thrombocytopenia) AZ 35 (1 malignant), Pfizer 22 (1 malignant). Dead Age 275, Pfizer 227.

Originally, the same data for both vaccines erased the image of a series B vaccine, credited to AstraZeneca in Italy, and to reporters and virology from TV Lounge.

Pelissori explains: »Although the absolute number of adverse events may seem high, the chances of these occurring are minimal (some in 0.000 percent), corresponding to those expected for this type of population. As someone said, the vaccine does not make you immortal. Furthermore, there is no link between these events and the vaccine. The UK vaccination campaign, which continues apes, is accompanied by a steady decline in hospitalizations and deaths due to Kovid, and the feeling that we may soon return to a normal life ».

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Dr. Pellicori continues: «An important point, which should be repeated every day, is that both vaccines are highly effective to prevent Kovid’s hospitalization. After four weeks, Pfizer reduced them by 85%, AstraZeneca by 94%. “

Also: «Schools in Britain are reopening today, the days are getting longer and it will probably rain. Daily cases were 5,089 (out of about one lakh swabs), 64 deaths (125,580 since the onset of the epidemic). Today in Italy: The Red Zone. Daily Kovid cases of 15,267 (out of less than 179,000 swabs) and 354 deaths (102,499 since the onset of the epidemic) “.

Following these Italian figures, Pellicori prepares a forecast; “Of these 15 thousand daily cases, more than one thousand will be hospitalized in the next two weeks and develop various complications affecting the heart, arteries and veins: Cardiovascular complications in patients with kovid: 80 out of a thousand. Arrhythmia, 70 out of a thousand thrombosis, 70 out of a thousand heart failure, 10-20 out of a thousand heart attacks or strokes “.

“Having all these patients in the hospital means that doctors and nurses cannot guarantee the necessary diagnosis and treatment for those who have a problem other than Kovid, and we will pay the bill in the coming years. There is only one way to get out of this and save lives: vaccinate as many people as possible and as quickly as possible ».

Conclusion: «I hope that reading these figures will help to give hope and confidence in a moment of confusion and general nervousness.» Thanks dr Pelikori: I also had my doubts about AstraZeneca, as I wrote a few days ago. Is no longer there.

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