Here are six tips to reduce stress before the operation

Joanne is stressed. And for good reason: This listener from Europe 1 will have to undergo surgery next week and the outlook for the moment is projected to be seized with agony. Far from being the only one in this case, the soldiers want to reduce their stress before the operation, the help provided by doctor Jimmy Mohammed on the show Without an appointment 1 in Europe, Monday afternoon. General practitioners give her many techniques to feel better, by asking questions, practicing sophrology, or using hypnosis.

Do not consult the Internet

“The first piece of advice I can give you is to avoid looking online for the risks you run before surgery. Unfortunately, you will only have bad stories that end badly and not just those that are very happy. Are and for whom it has gone very well. “

Ask a surgeon a question

“If you ever have any questions, you should ask the surgeon who is going to work on you. You should write them: Sometimes, we are a little confused and we forget what we want to ask. . Obviously, don’t ask 40. Surgeons don’t have much time for you, but it may be relevant to ask three, four essential questions. “

Coexist before operation

“At the moment, we may not have a person with us, but when it is possible, we should not hesitate to be together. Sometimes, it is difficult to pass on information. The fact that one listens and tapes , Can be very useful. Then. In a second step, you have a consultation with an anesthesiologist where, again, you can ask specific questions. It should not be forgotten: When you have surgical intervention, the gesture is surgical. And then there is anesthesia. At that point you can ask. Questions. It’s the same if you ever have children. “

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Using music

“To improve, we can use, for example, sophistication or music therapy. Music will reduce your cortisol, which acts on the brain. It also controls the expression of pain. When music is less we Bad ones happen. It doesn’t happen. ‘T matter what you use, eventually you can use breathing exercises as well as meditation. Then remember that stress is normal. ”

Consider antihistamines

“If stress reaches you to the point where you say ‘no, I’m not going to do the operation’,” the anesthesiologist often leaves you with a prescription called antihistamine, an anti-allergy called atrax. Is, that will shoot. You bit, because it is one of the side effects. It is not a worrying thing, but it is something that will relax you. You can tell it in advance. One day before the procedure and the same day. , We give you something to relax. Well. “

Use hypnosis or virtual reality

“When the anxiety is such that you cannot overcome it, there are also treatments with hypnosis or virtual reality, helmets, which do not allow you to remove this tension and cancel the process.”

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