Here Are 7 Foods That Make Your Stomach Swollen

After a large meal or not, it’s not uncommon that your stomach wants to loosen its belt. Certain foods actually complicate digestion and cause unpleasant bloating. Here is a list of those that we will consume in moderation to avoid bloating.

raw vegetables

Crudites are rich in mineral salts and vitamins, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body. However, if you are prone to bloating it is better not to abuse them because they are especially rich in fiber that is difficult to digest and “irritates the gut”, explains Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen.

To limit abdominal bloating without completely excluding raw vegetables from your diet, experts recommend peeling them thoroughly “because it’s often the skin that isn’t digestible,” and cutting them into small pieces. To “pre-digest food” by cutting.


In the category of vegetables, there are also crucifers, such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, as well as Brussels sprouts, due to their high content of raffinose, a complex sugar that can cause flatulence and bloating. “It would require a lot of bacteria to digest them”, and therefore produce more gas.


We can mention leeks, as well as asparagus. And for good reason, these foods are made up of cellulose and hemicellulose, “insoluble fibers that are difficult to tolerate,” says nutritionist Dr., who recommends that people with fragile intestines eat the plants in puree or soup form. consume. ,


In order to have a flat stomach after a meal, it is also recommended to reduce the intake of legumes – lentils, red and white beans, chickpeas … and slow down. It thus “produces the release of methane, the gas that is responsible for the feeling of bloating and bloating of the gut”.

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In the list of bloating foods, we also end up with seeds containing seeds, such as tomatoes, currants, or grapes. “The mess can slip between the two folds of mucous membrane and cause irritation. And to fight against it, author of the book “Nurture Your Health” (Version I), Dr. As Cohen describes, the cells will secrete gas.

White bread

Take care of white bread as well. Its flour is low in fiber content which makes it difficult for digestion to run smoothly and usually causes bloating in the stomach. It’s wise to turn to wholemeal bread, which is a lot more interesting in terms of nutrition.


Often a banana is eaten when it is still very green. This more solid texture can affect transit or even cause constipation. Hence it is advised to eat them very cooked in order to digest them better.

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