“Her arrogance knows no bounds”: Prince Harry’s statement that caused a scandal in the UK

Harry and Meghan surprised observers by making a surprise appearance in Britain when they were expected in the Netherlands for the Invictus Games. During an interview given to the NBC channel, the young prince spoke about his reunion with his grandmother and uttered a short phrase that is controversial today…

Meghan Markle and her prince meet Queen Elizabeth II in London on April 14. ,In a journey of which even senior royal aides were unaware, Harry and Meghan see the Queen, Charles and Camilla in Windsor“A heated reunion? Not so sure. First because if the former actress was present – when she hasn’t set foot in England since leaving the royal family – baby Archie and Lillibet for absent clients,” announced royal correspondent Richard Palmer. The Reason? The Duke of Sussex has repeatedly stated that he fears for the safety of his loved ones, Since Queen Elizabeth II no longer pays for her protection,

Added to this is the fact that the reunion did not live up to the expectations of Prince Charles, who is said to have emerged from these fifteen minutes spent with his son.broken heart“, apparently were aware that the gap between the Royal Family and the Sussexes could not be bridged. And Prince Charles is probably right. As revealed MirrorMeghan and Harry didn’t get along Prince William and Kate Middleton During their visit to England, there is an indication that tensions are still high between the two brothers who were once such companions.

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a statement that goes unnoticed

Another sign that a waiver is not in order is an interview given by Harry to journalist Hoda Kotb of the American channel NBC. in show today, He returns to this brief reunion with his grandmother and is the first to tell of his joy at seeing her again. ,She’s in great shape, and she always has a great sense of humor with me.“, he launched before throwing the first:”I just wanted to make sure she was well protected and surrounded by the right people.“An explosion that has caused many woes among royal experts and the British population.”Prince Harry calls on US television to make sure the Queen is safe and well surrounded. How? I think, as you will see, Prince Charles, Her Majesty’s children and William do exactly as they describe and support the Queen. It translates into deeds – not just words.” Angry biographer Robert Jobson on Twitter.

Angela Levine, author of Harry: Conversations with the PrinceMeanwhile called the statement of the Duke of Sussex “gross humiliation“Concerning Prince Charles and William.”his ego knows no bounds“, he annoyed. Peter Ford, journalist morning ShowGuess Meghan Markle’s husband in a scathing tweetwho was absent from the ceremony to pay tribute to Prince Philip” Was “be delusional“. A bad buzz that doesn’t necessarily mean the Sussexes need (good) publicity while a Netflix documentary about them is currently being filmed …

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