Health pass “theoretically applies across Europe on 26 June”

The Secretary of State in charge of tourism, French people living abroad and La Francophonie, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, mentioned Wednesday 26 June as the date “And theory“For the entry of health passes across Europe.

The Digital Green Certificate will be launched in June and will be applied theoretically on 26 June for the whole of Europe.“, Declared the Secretary of State in Sud Radio’s microphone, while the French Senate has adopted this device specifically aimed at facilitating travel and reviving inter-European tourism, a key area for the French economy.” .

Since the onset of the health crisis, France has seen a 50% drop in the number of overnight stays, as has international tourism revenue, the lack of which is “close to”30 billion euros“, Mr. Lemoyne explained.

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To address such a situation, the government is banking on the summer period, with a major publicity campaign to be launched soon, praising France’s tourist wealth at a cost of ten million euros, the same official explained .

He said that the expedition would be deployed in ten European countries among the main suppliers of tourists.

But not only abroad, the executive also hopes that “Summer blue-white-red“Through promoting the country to French with the slogan”I rediscover france“, He said.

On 10 May, the European Union began a testing phase for its Digital Green certificate so that it would become operational in June.

According to the European Commission, it “Digital green certificate“To finalize its outline is the subject of negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

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The first two EU countries to test this health passport are France and Malta. The purpose of this testing phase is to verify member states’ ability to connect to the “gateway” system to ensure document interoperability at the EU level.

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